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you get water, put either chocolate or clean mint in it, then mix it with alittle vanilla, then boil it, then put peas in it and wait until it is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: Recipe for pea mint soup?
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What is the best recipe for pea soup?

The best recipe for pea soup would be completely subjective based on ones taste. You can however find a variety of pea soup recipes to try online at websites such as Food network and All Recipes.

Is a food mill a good thing to make pea soup with If so, where can I find recipes?

Yes. A food mill does work well for making pea soup, especially if you want your soup to have a fine texture. You didn't specify whether you were talking about fresh pea soup or split pea, so here is one of each: and

Do you have a pea and ham soup recipe?

yes! Because that's my favorite

Made a ham last Sunday now you want to make soup with the ham left on the bone?

Try this split pea and ham soup:

What kind of pea is in split pea soup?

SPLIT PEA SOUPYellow pea is in split pea soup so if you ever wonder just don't eat it.split pea soup is good

What is artsoppa?

It is Pea Soup. This recipes origin is from Sweden.It is Pea Soup. This recipes origin is from Sweden.It is Pea Soup. This recipes origin is from Sweden.It is Pea Soup. This recipes origin is from Sweden.It is Pea Soup. This recipes origin is from Sweden.It is Pea Soup. This recipes origin is from Sweden.

Is there a nursery rhyme with the word 'soup' in it?

Yes. There is one that starts: Pea soup hot, Pea soup cold, Pea soup in a pot, Nine days old.

What is pea soup and where is it found?

Pea soup is soup made from peas and ham. It is found in many kitchens

What is pea soup fog?

Pea soup fog is fog that is extremely thick, or heavy.

What is China's favorite soup?

pea pea

How is pea soup fog formed?

pea soup fog is fog witch contains green peas and cample soup.

What vitamins are found in pea soup?

Manganese, copper, folate, vitamin B1, and potassium are found in pea soup. One cup of split pea soup has 231 calories.

What cold soup came from Spain?

pea soup came from spain, if you want to know how because spanish were pea soup farmers

What is sweet pea soup accompanied with?

Buttered and toasted bread or biscuits are both good with pea soup.Ham on Rye bread sandwich is also great served with pea soup.

What was Frederick Douglass favorite food?

It was pea soup bread and milk It was pea soup bread and milk

Is split pea soup good for you?

Split pea soup is a healthy choice if you make it without cream.

Why is split pea soup called split pea soup?

Because it is made using split peas.

What is a good recipe for split pea cassarole?

A great recipe for split pea soup casserole would be as follows. In a baking dish combine sauteed onion, garlic, and salt and pepper. Add carrots, potatoes and split peas. Cook all until tender.

Whats the difference between roast beef and pea soup?

Anyone can roast beef, but no one can pea soup

Where can I find a good chicken soup recipe?

You can find a good chicken soup recipe on the campbell soup recipe. They have real good soup recipes for making a good chicken soup. Progressive also have good recipes.

What recommended soup to use if you have a German measles?

pea soup!

Why is it called pea wack soup?

It is called pea wack soup because wack refers to friendly soup. back in the 1970's it was called pea wack soup as a whole street would sometimes contribute to the meal and share it around family and neighbours. Basically meaning Pea(Pulse) wack(friendly) Bread Broth(soup)

What is the difference between pork chop and pea soup?

One is vegetarian, (Pea Soup) and one is for people who eat meat... :)

How long can split pea soup be kept in the refrigerator?

Split pea soup can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Should you have mushroom soup or pea soup for dinner?

Mushroom soup sounds good!