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Red herring prospectus?

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In the context of IPOs, a prospectus is a major document prepared by the issuing firm. The preliminary prospectus is also known as a red herring.

In red herring the price and the quantum of securities will not be there

Red herring is the Prospectus which converts into Red herring prospectus from Draft for red herring Prospectus after getting observations, and suggestions from SEBI, which is to filed and made available to SEBI, Stock Exchanges, and to Public, under the process of Initial Public Offering

Abridge Prospectus- Abridged Prospectus' is a shorter description of the prospectus and contains all the prominent features of a Prospectus. It go together with the application form of public issues. In other words it is executive summary of prospectus. Shelf Prospectus- Prospectus issued by banks and financial institution, by issuing one prospectus they can go for multiple issue of shares. Red Herring Prospectus- The share are offered to the public in price range shareholder can apply at the price suitable to them, all the information except the price of share is mentioned.

The most important red herring is the red herring

"Red Herring Prospectus" is a prospectus which does not have details of either price or number of shares being offered or the amount of issue. This means that in case the price is not disclosed, the number of shares and the upper and lower price bands are disclosed. On the other hand, an issuer can state the issue size and the number of shares are determined later. An RHP for and FPO can be filed with the RoC without the price band and the issuer, in such a case will notify the floor price or a price band by way of an advertisement one day prior to the opening of the issue. In the case of book-built issues, it is a process of price discovery and the price cannot be determined until the bidding process is completed. Hence, such details are not shown in the Red Herring prospectus filed with the RoC in terms of the provisions of the Companies Act. Only on completion of the bidding process, the details of the final price are included in the offer document. The offer document filed thereafter with ROC is called a prospectus. "Abridged Prospectus" means contains all the salient features of a prospectus. It accompanies the application form of public issues.

Its simply because the heading of the initial prospectus of the company is printed in Red Ink.

1) The suspect turned out to be a red herring. 2) The red herring had disrupted the investigation.

insignificant, unimportant, boring

Use a herring on the grand tree.

James Red Herring was born on 1896-03-19.

James Red Herring died on 1974-05-07.

"The burgler placed her neighbors glove at the scene as a red herring."

The red herring fish and the ones you hear about in mystery books are actually one in the same. A red herring (mystery) got it's name because in older times, when a crime was committed, police used dogs to follow a scent, and the criminal would drag a red herring to throw off the dog's sense of smell and lead the police in the wrong direction. A red herring in a mystery is designed to throw the reader off the real answer.

A 'red herring' is a false lead or clue, intended to lead the investigators in the wrong direction.

The first clue was a red herring, designed to intentionally detour the treasure hunters.

The cast of Red Herring - 2007 includes: Tory Eletto as Girl

Not just in medical terminology, but in general a red herring means that it is a clue that leads you in the wrong direction.

"The city council is using the rezoning issue as a red herring to divert our attention from the budget deficit." "The report about rebels had been a red herring, because the attack had been staged by the dictator's own troops." "During the Watergate investigation, one promising lead turned out to be a red herring provided by the White House."

you have to be a frequently trading client with a big account with ur investment bank. Underwriters usually let their big clients be a part of the IPOs. If your bank is the underwriter for the red herring and if you are a big client, then it is possible that you might get one offered. It is extremely hard to get one though.

There are 3 syllables. Red - her-ring.

"The report about rebels had been a red herring, because the attack had been staged by the dictator's own troops." "During the Watergate investigation, one promising lead turned out to be a red herring provided by the White House."

Source: Wikipedia The term red herring originates from the tradition whereby young hunting dogs in Britain were trained to follow a scent with the use of a "red" (salted and smoked) herring (see kipper). This pungent fish would be dragged across a trail until the puppy learned to follow the scent. The reason it is called a red herring is due to a disclosure statement printed in red ink on the cover which explicitly states that the issuing company is not attempting to sell its shares. e.g. "A Registration Statement relating to these securities has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission but has not yet become effective. Information contained herein is subject to completion or amendment. These securities may not be sold nor may offers to buy be accepted prior to the time the Registration Statement becomes effective."

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