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Height: 30 Inches

Length: 9 Feet ( 108 inches)

Width : 5 feet ( 60 inches)

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Q: Regulation size of table tennis table?
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What is the standard size of a table tennis table?

5 ft - 9ft is the size of an ITTF regulation table tennis table.

What is the Official size of table tennis ball?

The official size of a regulation table tennis ball is 40mm 3 stars

Who long is a full sized table tennis table?

A regulation size table tennis table is 9ft X 5ft.

What is the regulation size of a ping pong ball?

The current regulation size of a table tennis ball is 40mm.

What types of table tennis equipment should I get?

Table tennis is a fairly basic sport when it comes to the equipment. You'll need a regulation size table, a net, table tennis balls and a set of paddles to play.

What is the highest size of a table tennis table?

The highest size of a table tennis table is 10.0cm i think, god knows.

What is regulation size tennis court?

50meters '

What is size of table tennis room?

i can be of any size but it has to be big to fit a table tennis table and have space to move around in it

What are the standard dimensions for a regulation size table tennis table?

The table must be 9 foot long by 5 foot wide and 30 inches high. In order to meet regulation standards, it must also be either green or blue in color.

Bumper pool table size?

There is no regulation bumper pool table size.

How long is an average tennis court?

There is no 'average' size for a tennis court, the regulation size is 36' x 78'

What is the regulation size of a beer pong table?

Table top regulation is 8'x2' at a height of 27.5"

How long in regulation size ping pong table?

an ITTF regulation table is 9 feet long.

Are there different sizes for table tennis tops?

"There are many different sizes for table top tennis. You have options such as a novelty size, mini table tennis, and a conversion top table also. The size of the table may vary on your personal choice."

What is a professional pool table size?

There are 3 regulation pool table sizes. 9 foot, whihc used to be the only regulation size, and now 8 foot and oversize 8 foot are also regulation size.

How big must a table tennis ball be?

The ITTF regulation is that the ball has to be 40mm

What is the pingpong table tennis regulation size?

A table tennis table is 9 feet (2.74m) long, 5 feet (1.525m) wide and 2 feet 6 inches (76cm) high and the net is 6 feet (1.83m) long and 6 inches (15.25 cm) high.

What is the standard size of a net of table tennis table?


What is the regulation size of a doubles tennis court?

78' x 36'

What is the height and width oft the table tennis racket?

Table tennis rackets can be any size according to the rules.

What is standard size of ping pong table?

The standard size of a ping pong or table tennis table is 5' by 9'

What is the recommended size for a table tennis table?

5 feet across by 9 feet deep is a good size for table tennis. This is the tournament standard and should be good enough for competition, you would already be used to the size.

Table tennis court size?

The size of a ping pong table is about 2 meters by 3 meters

What size snooker balls for a 10ftx5ft table?

Snooker balls do not change size based on table size. Just purchase regulation balls.

What is the size of an Olympic table tennis table?

9ft long and 5ft wide