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In critically reviewing research from phenomenographic, approaches to teaching and learning, academic literacies and social practice approaches, I will argue that each of these approaches separates teaching from learning in some way and in doing so treats academics and students as if they are engaged in separate processes. I will examine the implications of this separation for the explanations that are offered by research into teaching and learning in higher education before considering whether other approaches, less commonly used in research into teaching and learning in higher education, offer a more interactive way of understanding the relationship between teaching and learning.

ou can learn by trial & error, by observation, by experience, by own intelligence/rational thinking, from mistakes, etc. without needing to be "taught" formally. teaching is just one of the ways that can be adopted in order to learn.

teaching, however, CAN speed up learning, make it more focused & relevant.

then, in order to be able to teach, the teacher has to have learnt him/herself - either formally or informally. thus learning precedes teaching. a learner may not be a teacher but a teacher Has to be a learner.

moreover, teaching & learning is actually an on-going interaction & communication between the 2 players. there is stimulus, response, feedback, mutual learning & growth....

you could also talk about situations or people who are not ideal, or are misfits in their role of teacher/learner. eg how bad teaching can dull learning & interest while good teaching can motivate students & optimize learning, association & recall.

This quote demonstrates my view of the relationship between teachers and students. In room 10 we will be learning together and teaching each other. Teaching is meaningful when we find it relevant to our lives right now. When we are actively engaged to learn subject matter we find important our understanding is deeper, and our learning is better.

Learning new complex information can be challenging, and we may make mistakes. Sometimes we may even get frustrated; at times we may feel like giving up. That's when it becomes most important that we are traveling this journey together. You may teach another way to learn, or teach how to keep trying. We learn to encourage each other, to believe in each other. We listen to learn, and we learn to teach.

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Q: Relationship between teaching and learning?
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My own experiences :) Training: learning physically (like workouts,practices, etc) Teaching: learning verbally (teachers, speeches, etc) Both also goes with mentally! Hope this helps!

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Teaching is to provide instructions and knowledge to someone. Learning is receiving those instructions from the teacher.

What are the differences between Teaching and Learning?

Teaching is instruction, or transfering knowledge from one to another. Learning is receiving that knowledge and committing it to memory

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Teaching the process of providing knowledge and understanding of information. Learning is the process of gaining the knowledge and understanding of information.

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learning is stored a memory

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Teaching is to impart knowledge or skill and learning is to acquire knowledge or skill by study.

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Teaching and learning are integrated with each other. Instructor is the one who teaches and students are the ones who learn. So both the terms have some interdependency.

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Curriculum is what you are supposed to study which is usually given from the ministry. Learning is what you get from information. It can be learning the Curriculum.

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role of edusat in teaching learning process?

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It helps with teaching and learning! D'oh!

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The advantages of the computer in teaching is that it can be an aid to help in the learning process. The disadvantage of a computer in teaching and learning is that it could be utilized to hinder the learning process in some areas.

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Lucile Gustafson has written: 'Relationship between ethnic group membership and the retention of selected facts pertaining to American history and culture' -- subject(s): History, Learning, Psychology of, Minorities, Psychology of Learning, Study and teaching (Secondary)

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A Philosophy is a Belief whilst Education is learning. Both involve learning though.

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REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE The review of the literature for this study focuses on procedures used to identify teaching and learning styles and what effect a match between the two has on student learning outcomes and evaluation of instructors. The review focuses on a number of different instruments used to identify teaching and learning styles. The chapter begins with a definition of learning styles, teaching styles, and matching, followed by the findings of researchers using various instruments to measure learning and teaching styles. The research outcomes germane to learning styles, teaching styles, and a match between the two in relation to course grades, final exam scores, and instructor evaluations are discussed.

Behaviorism as a theory of language teaching and learning?

It has been tried and discredited as a theory to language teaching and learning.

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Maturation and learning actually have a very strong relationship with each other. As one matures the amount and complexity of information they can learn increases.

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e commerce is the buying and selling of products throgh computer network but e learning comprises electronically supported learning and teaching.

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factors tha influence teaching and learning by female student

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teaching is nothing but to create creative students

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merits _gives gud relationship between student and teacher

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Teaching is basically to impart the knowledge through learning and traing is to impart and to enhance the skill through practice. Dr. Sukhdev, K.U.K.

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Purposeful teaching recognizes that learning