Removing odor from leather?

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right as u know leather is very easlily stained so be careful.

what you need to do is go in your local furniture shop (that sells leather sofas)

and ask if they have any leather cleaner.

if not search online for leather cleaner on sites such as eBay if your looking for cheaper options.

even if your talkin about leather clothing not furniture it doesnt matter,even if the spray/cleanser says for clothing or for sofas.

do as the instructions on the bottle say and the smell should be gone

(by the way i know you said how to remove odor not dirt but leather CLEANER got rid of the smell of my sofa. try www.dunlelmmill.com cause i know someone who bought it from there and it worked,its organicly made by bees and smells really pleasent.plus prices start at £1.99

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How do you get a fish odor out of leather?

Spray the leather with frebreze

Did anyone purchase a leather chair that has a bad odor?

Yes, I did. Where did you purchase your chair?

Will apple cider vinegar get odor out of leather?

I would guess that depends what the odour comes from.

How do you remove skunk odor from a leather jacket?

Tomato sauce (canned works) wiped onto the leather or tomato juice (supposedly) also works.

How do you remove pet odor from leather?

A mild wet paste of mild detergent and baking soda will work. Then wipe with a clean damp cloth and recondition with leather conditioner.

How do you remove gasoline odor from leather belt?

you get water or olive oil and a cup with hot water in it .put the leather belt in there and wait 15 or 20 min then smell it

How do you get shoe polish of leather sofa?

There are very few methods that work for removing shoe polish from a leather sofa. A person may try a dye transfer or have the section of leather replaced by a professional.

Why do inexpensive shoes acquire odor faster than brand name shoes?

Expensive shoes are made of genuine leather. Usually genuine leather doesn't produce odors as the man made materials.

How do I remove fire smoke odor from leather furniture?

you cannot because the leather has already conciled the smoke into it's fibers and so the smell will remain, the best solution would be to buy another one.thanks!

How do you get dog pee smell out of leather?

The correct starting point is to use an enzyme based pet urine odor eliminator. There are many brands available at your local pet store or vet. Make sure you test in an non obvious area to ensure that the odor eliminator will not have an adverse effect on your leather. If the odor has seeped into the internals of a seat cushion, then I advise replacement of the seat cushion. If it seeped into the frame, then open the dust cover (cloth under the piece) and apply enzyme based odor eliminator on effected components. It may require multiple doses of the odor eliminator. Finally, if the odor is persistent the place the target piece in an ozone chamber. Your local disaster relief company (flood and fire) should have an ozone chamber. For more information on urine and leather go to: http://www.diyleathersolutions.com/petdamage.html

How to remove Cigarette odor out of leather?

For the leather itself, I used a product called Leather CPR. After the leather had been touched up, I sprayed a generic form of Febreeze in the lining. I then put the freshened coat inside of a sealed garbage bag over night. The next day, the coat smelled like the fabric freshner and there wasn't any odor from the cigarettes. This also worked on a series of purses. The very picky woman at the consignment store took all items without any questions.

What did a skinner do in the Medieval Times?

A skinner was a person who worked on hides. The job might include removing the hide of a slaughtered animal, preparing the hide, tanning leather, or dealing with hides or leather.

Removing wood stain odor from wood breadbox?

The best way to remove a stain odor from a breadbox is to air it out by leaving the door open. You might also want to try wiping it down with a baking soda mixture. A box of baking soda in it might also remove the odor.

My new car has a strong odor of the leather seat I'd like to know the ways to remove it?

The new car smell is caused by products used on the leather to clean and preserve it. It is a part of the leather or vinyl. The best way to remove it is to open the windows and allow it to air out. It will fade with time.

Is there a sweat-proof odor-proof weightlifting glove?

I wear glubbs which are made from a material which is sweat-proof and odor-proof unlike leather and neoprene gloves glubbs.com. They also increase my grip strength significantly.

How to get spray paint off a leather car seat?

I have found that WD40 works wonders for removing paint overspray

When did febreze come out?

Febreze was introduced nationally in 1998 as a revolutionary new household product that uses a unique odor-removing technology.

How hagonoy helps in reducing or removing foul odor in swine feces?

Hagonoy, with scientific name, Chromolaena Odorata, in known to reduce or remove foul odor in swine feces. This is due to its fermentable carbohydrates and vitro digestibility.

How do you clean cat urine off a leather bag?

To clean cat urine on a leather bag, soak up as much of the urine as possible with a paper towel. Then, spray the area with an odor neutralizing spray and wipe it with a bit of soap.

How do you remove curry odor from leather jacket?

Find a more powerful alkali smell due to the curry is slightly more acidic than alkali

What is the scientific principle in having lighted candles in the kitchen to remove the unpleasant odor when frying a dried fish?

Two things are in play:1) Most candles have their own aroma, so they mask the unpleasant odor somewhat 2) The flame burns some of the molecules causing the unpleasant odor - removing them from the room.

Which kinds of upholstery are best for easily removing pet hair?

Leather and suede are the best types of upholstery for avoiding pet hair.

How do you get rid of cat urine order?

There are two methods of removing cat urine odor. You can wash the area with a product called D-Molish or you can spray it with a product called NI-712. Both products effectively remove cat urine odor.

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