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Removing odor from leather?


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September 13, 2011 1:29PM

right as u know leather is very easlily stained so be careful.

what you need to do is go in your local furniture shop (that sells leather sofas)

and ask if they have any leather cleaner.

if not search online for leather cleaner on sites such as eBay if your looking for cheaper options.

even if your talkin about leather clothing not furniture it doesnt matter,even if the spray/cleanser says for clothing or for sofas.

do as the instructions on the bottle say and the smell should be gone

(by the way i know you said how to remove odor not dirt but leather CLEANER got rid of the smell of my sofa. try cause i know someone who bought it from there and it worked,its organicly made by bees and smells really prices start at £1.99