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yes, well the renaissance MEANS rebirth.....

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Q: Renaissance brought a new interest in the rebirth?
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Renaissance brought a new interest in what?

Renaissance is nothing but REBIRTH. Otherwise called as REVIVAL OF LEARNING AND CULTURE (cultural rebirth) Renaissance brought back interest in art, literature, basically learning in general. and yeah renaissance does mean rebirth (:

Renaissance brought a new interest in the?


Renaissance brought a new interest in literature of Greeks and Romans?

the classics......

How did the Italian rebirth start?

You do not say Italian rebirth. The term is Italian Renaissance (or, in Italian, Rinascimento). Both words mean rebirth and refer to the "rebirth" of interest in the classical (the Romans and the Greeks). Its roots lied in 1) the revival/rebirth in the interest in the Romans, which in the previous centuries had not been of interest to Europeans had had been frowned upon because they had been considered pagans; 2) the development of new art forms in painting sculpture and architecture which are now called Renaissance art.

What knowledge was reborn during the Renaissance?

The Renaissance was a time of rebirth of knowledge and technology from ancient Rome and Greece. This new interest in the classical period affected the architecture, art, and literature that was popular at the time.

What was the renissance a rebirth of?

The Renaissance was the rebirth of the Europe after the Dark ages and formed a new Golden age.

What was the cultural rebirth in New York City called?

Harlem Renaissance

What was the great rebirth in Anthem?

The Great Rebirth is the change of society. Like the Renaissance out of the Dark Ages. It was the beginning of their new way of life.

What was the African-American cultural rebirth in New York City called?

The Harlem Renaissance.

Where does term renaissance come from?

The term renaissance comes from the french word meaning "rebirth." It is the rebirth of art and other things such as literature and a new era for science. During this time the telescope was invented, proving that the sun is the center of the universe. Also, it is the rebirth of medicine. The renaissance came right after the time of the black death (the bubonic plague.) So, the term renaissance comes from the latin word, "rebirth."

What is the theme of renaissance period?

The word "Renaissance" literally means rebirth. Renaissance periods are marked by a flourish of new inventions, new ideas, and revolutions in thinking. The most famous example is the Italian Renaissance.

Why was Europe renamed the renaissance period?

The Renaissance happened because people started reading ancient texts and looking at ancient art. They then thought that they should create such as well, and used these ancient arts as their influence as well as creating their own, new forms of art.