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If your '04 has the same vacuum actuated door that my '02 does, you may be loosing vacuum. Mine turned out to be the vacuum "supply" hose to the selector valve (not really a switch since it's vacuum actuated.) The hose had a tiny hole cut in it from laying on some very sharp sheet metal under the passenger side air bag. Fortunately for me, my friend, also a Cav driver, new just how to pull the dash pad off and the airbag out. I cut a short piece of WD40 spray tube off and inserted it inside the hose and taped the outside real well. Believe or not, that tiny hole in the spray tube allowed enough vacuum pull to allow the door to work just fine.

I can't help you with the disassembly, but at least you have a clue what might be going on. If you pull the vacuum supply hose off the valve and are not getting suction, you probably have a leak.

Of course this has to be done with the engine running, since the intake manifold supplies the vacuum.


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Q: Repair manual air mode door in a 2004 Chevy cavalier?
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