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Replace fuse on a 1997 dodge avenger?

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you need to give more detail. There are alot of fuses.

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What amp fuse is used for the radio in 2000 dodge avenger?

The fuse for the radio in a 2000 Dodge Avenger is 10 amp.

Is the starter relay for a 1996 and 1997 Dodge avenger located in the same place?

The starter relay switch is in the same location on both the 1996 and the 1997 Dodge Avenger. The starter relay switch can be found in the fuse box.

Where is the fuse to the radio in a 2000 dodge avenger?

if the fuse is in the same place as a1997 avenger then it is located under the hood

Where is the fuse box on a dodge 2010 dodge avenger?

Under the hood.

Where is the Interior fuse box on a 2008 Dodge Avenger?

A 2008 ,Avenger does not have an interior fuse box. All fuses are under the hood.

What is fuse 29 used for in an 2008 dodge avenger?

HOT CAR----no fuse required.

What can cause the backup lights not to work on a 1997 Dodge Avenger after the switch has been replaced?

Defective switch, switch not adjusted, blown fuse

Where is the fuse box in a 2008 dodge avenger?

Under the hood, driver side.

Where is fuse box on dodge avenger 2008?

Under the hood, driver side.

Where can i find a fuse diagram for a 1998 dodge avenger?

the fuse digram is in your owners manual or in the model specific maual from haynes

Where is the Location of fuse box on 1999 dodge avenger?

there are several on a 1999 dodge avenger, there is one on the drivers side near the kick panel which is under the dash to the far left and then there in one under the hood

Where are the fuse panels in 1998 dodge avenger?

You have your main fuse box under the hood. Then you have the junction box which is under the dash on the driver side.

Where is the fuse and or relay located for the ABS on a 95 Dodge Avenger.?

In the fuse/relay box on the driver side in he engine compartment. The fuse box cover has a diagram of what fuse/relay belongs to what.

Where is the 1997 dodge ram 350 fuse diagram?

Where can I find a fuse diagram for a 1997 dodge 3500 diesel truck? The door buzzer module is sounding with the driver's door closed and the truck moving.

Where or is there a horn fuse for a 1996 dodge avenger not es?

There are two fuse boxes... one under the dashboard on the left, another under the hood behind driver's side headlight.

Is there a fuse for the blower motor in a 1997 dodge stratus if so where?

It should be a 30 amp fuse in the under dash fuse box.

What fuse controls the backup lights on a 1997 dodge ram 2500?

It should be Fuse # 15 in your fuse block in the dash. it is a 10 amp fuse.

What is the fuse layout for a 97 Dodge Caravan?

The fuse layout on a 1997 Dodge Caravan is located underneath the cover of the actual fuse box. To see the layout just turn the cover over.

How do I locate the brake light fuse for a 2003 dodge ram?

locate the fuse box under dash and look for brake lights replace with the right amp fuse. the fuse you pull out will have a number on it that is the apms fuse you will need to replace

Why would the 30 amp ignition fuse on your 96 dodge avenger es keep blowing?

overheating or drawing too much power

Cigarette fuse in A 2002 Dodge Intrepid?

It is important to know how to replace a fuse in a car. The cigarette fuse in a car is in the fuse box usually labeled as accessory.

1997 Dodge Caravan when the power windows do not work?

The power windows on a 1997 Dodge Caravan will stop working if the motor has failed or the fuse is blown. Replacing the fuse and checking for incoming power are the first steps to troubleshooting this problem.

Which fuse disables the horn on a 1997 Dodge Ram?

there is a fuse in th small fuse panel inside the cab. and also one in fuse box under the hood.

1997 Jetta how do you reset the airbag light?

The airbag light, on your 1997 Jetta, can be reset by removing the fuse. Keep the fuse out for 10 seconds. Replace the fuse back to its original position.

Where is the fuse box for a 2010 dodge avenger located at under the hood?

Under the black lid.Under the black lid.