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Repossession laws in the State of Texas?


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Pay the note or lose the car. The vehicle may be recovered from any location that is discovered provided the repossession agent does not violate the FFDCP Act or break the peace. If the debtor breaks the peace, that is on the debtor; many go to jail for such behavior.

If the repossession agent is not able to notify the debtor that he has secured the vehicle, the agent is legal bound to contact the jurisdictional law enforcement agency that a repossession has taken place with 24 hours of securing the vehicle. Most contact law enforcement as they are driving away from the recovery.


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If i have a vehicle repossessed in the state of texas, is there anything that requires me to pay off balance after vehicle is sold at auction?

REPO LAWS DOT COM has a good over view of the rules in Texas.

The legal remedy for vehicle repossession is covered by UCC laws. Regardless of where the lender is located the car can be repossessed under the laws of the state where it was purchased or where it is now located, whichever means is most advantageous to the lender.

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Some states have set maximum amounts for repossession fees. The state of Texas,. however has not set a maximum amount on the fee that can be charged for a car repossession.

Can a repo man bust a chain and lock to your gate to gain access to your property for reposesion of your vehicle. I live in Texas.

click here state website

Just log on to and ask questions.

This is one question that I had to get the answer to recently, and with the quickness! I learned that the laws governing the rules of repossession vary from state to state. You will need to look up the laws to find out your states terms and conditions. The lending bank's state of origin does not matter, it depends solely on the state the vehicle is registered in. Massachusetts requires

Repo Laws can be found at a site called or you can also check your local laws.

the state the car is in govern the repossession, the lenders choice on which state governs collection efforts. Read your contract.

See the links below for the repossession laws and other information for Wisconsin.

You could try the Library or possibly the local courthouse.

Vehicle repossession laws in Arkansas is the same there as it is in every other state. One must pay his loans or risk facing legal action from the one that one has borrowed from.

Repossession laws vary from state to state. States also have different provisions for different types of property. You would need to be more specific about the circumstances, the property and the state where the repossession would take place. Your question should be reformed to ask, "Is a repossession under the following circumstances legal"? Asking what is considered an illegal repossession is much too broad a question.

Repossession laws are enacted by states and are applicable to all the municipalities within that state. Please see link.

The answer to this depends on the state you live in. Each state has different laws that prescribe the process for repo and sale.

NO state agency or board. Any complaints should go to the State Attorney General office.

Be Human Being. There are no formal laws or requirements regulating that state as of yet.

Generally the laws of the state where the contract was signed take precedence. I disagree. If the car is registered in California and titled in California, and located in California, California law applies. The validity of the debt, late fees, and so on ARE determined by where the contract was signed, but California has specific laws on the procedure for repossession.

Yes, after due process is followed in accordance with the laws of the state.

Depends on your state laws and the contract you signed with the lender. Read your contract. after the second payment is not paid

No, all that is necessary is a valid repossession order from the lender.

The laws and regulations on this in Texas were recently 'overhauled' and substantially changed. For up to date, precise information, please contact :- -Texas Department of Community and Housing Affairs, Manufactured Housing Division. They have an excellent website at -

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