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Reset password of a mini SDumesh?

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The SD card has the passwords enforced at the electronics level and it is hard to crack the password with software brute-forcing tools. (SD stands for Secure digital, if you are a tech person see the section about passwords in the document : )

there are hardware reset tools, and most will cost you as much as buying a new memory card.

if you have used the memory card with a phone or other devices which stores the sd password internally, [to avoid prompting for the password every time], there is a narrow chance you can recover it from the device. there is an article of this sort at

below are posts by other members, i do not think any of them will work, you can give your try and update the answer here if you are successful.

get a memory card reader and link it to you computer when you do that go search the root files and look for a file called mmc. when you find the file it will have a bunch of symbols and lines look for any sequence of numbers/letters then enter it on you phone. the other thing is you can go and format the memory stick but the only problem about this is that some phones require that you give them a pass before formatting so that might not work

buy new one...

I had this problem too, inserted in a Nokia N73 and formates it by Tool>Memory>Format memory car

me think it's the easiest way

cause I dont think there would be a program find it or with out erasing the data no result found in search


format using your computer

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