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Restoring the heart rhythm by using electrical shock is called defibrillation.

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Q: Restoring the heart rhythm by using electrical shock?
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Restoration of the heart's normal rhythm by electrical shock?

Defibrillation also known as cardioversion

The use of electrical shock to restore the heart's normal rhythm is known as?

Defibrillation also known as cardioversion.

What does an AED check?

An AED checks the electrical rhythm of the heart and determines whether the patient would benefit from an electric shock.

What is an implantable cardioverter-defribrillator?

A device placed in the body to deliver an electrical shock to the heart in response to a serious abnormal rhythm.

When is a implantable cardioverter defibrillator used to treat arrhythmias?

a treatment for serious arrhythmias. The battery-powered device senses an abnormal heart rhythm and automatically provides electrical shock(s). The shock(s) suspends heart activity and then allows the heart to initiate a normal rhythm

What would happen if you are awake and paddles are used to shock the heart?

Paddles (on a defibrillator) will only shock you if the electrical current running through your heart is a VF or VT. If you are flat lined or have a normal rhythm, it will not work.

Surgically placed device that directs an electrical current shock to the heart to restore rhythm?

They are called Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs).

What takes place in the process of cardioversion?

During the process of cardioversion, an electrical shock is delivered to the heart in an attempt to change an irregular heart beat rhythm into a normal one.

After the second shock of the victim's heart rhythm you should?


What type of electrical shock is used when an R wave is present in the patient's rhythm?

Precordial shock from the AED

How does an electrical shock kill someone?

The electrical shock will stop the heart, which kills you. (It has to be a strong bolt)

Why do you stand clear or do not touch the child before analyzing the heart rhythm or delivering a shock?

Do not touch the child before analyzing the heart rhythm so the AED will not pick up your heart rhythm. Do not touch the child before delivering a shock so you will not be shocked.

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