Result fy bs computer science of 2009?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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the result is out check ur college for the result

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Q: Result fy bs computer science of 2009?
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Can you explain what is required for a computer science job?

What you would ask for in a computer science job description is whether the candidate has a BS in computer science. This would be the very minimum of the job requirement.

Is szabist good for bs in computer science?

yes it is best in my point view.

Bachelor of Science in Biology abbreviation?

Typically, it is a BS (bachelors of science).Typically, it is a BS (bachelors of science).Typically, it is a BS (bachelors of science).Typically, it is a BS (bachelors of science).Typically, it is a BS (bachelors of science).Typically, it is a BS (bachelors of science).

What are ABET accredited school in the Philippines?

MAPUA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY- first ABET accredited school in the PhilippinesAccredited ProgramsEngineeringChemical Engineering (BS ChE)Civil Engineering (BS CE)Computer Engineering (BS CpE)Electrical Engineering (BS EE)Electronics Engineering (BS ECE)Environmental and Sanitary Engineering (BS EnSE)Industrial Engineering (BS IE)Mechanical Engineering (BS ME)ComputingComputer Science (BS CS)Information Technology (BS IT)TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF THE PHILIPPINES- Second ABET accredited school in the PhilippinesAccredited ProgramsTIP QUEZON CITY TIP MANILAEngineering EngineeringComputer Engineering (BS CpE) Chemical Engineering (BS ChE)Electrical Engineering (BS EE) Computer Engineering (BS CpE)Electronic Engineering (BS ECE) Electrical Engineering (BS EE)Industrial Engineering (BS IE) Electronics Engineering (BS ECE)Mechanical Engineering (BS ME) Industrial Engineering (BS IE)Sanitary Engineering (BS SE) Mechanical Engineering (BS ME)Computing ComputingComputer Science (BS CS) Computer Science (BS CS)Information System (BS IS) Information System (BS IS)Information Technology (BS IT) Information Technology (BS IT)

What degrees did Jim Clark earn?

he ultimately earned a BS and MA in physics, and then a PhD in computer science.

Anong salita ang ginagamit sa kursong bs computer science?

pak u ka

What is the difference between BS computer science and BE computer systems degrees?

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science focuses on things like programming and coding. A Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems focuses the design of computer and software systems. The latter stresses design and the former stresses implementation.

Is there any govt institute or university campus in samundri that offers ba bcom bba bcs bs mcs mit MBA?

Yes. Institute of E Learning and Modern Studies (IEMS)is a Virtual University Samundri Campus (0413425000, 3425111) that offersTwo Years Master ProgramsMBAMCSMITTwo Years GraduationB.Sc (Computer Science) / BCSB.ComBBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)BA (Psychology)BA (Mass Communication)BA (Bachelor of Arts)Four Years GraduationBS (Computer Science)BS (Information Technology)BS (Business Administration)BS (Public Administration)BS (Accounting and Finance)BS (Commerce)BS (Mass Communication)BS (Psychology)For more details visit

What is the difference between a ba and bs in computer science?

It depends on the institution and Computer Science department within the school as to which focus they prefer. Typically, this program of study is a bachelors of science (BS) degree. However, the below describes - in brief - the difference between a bachelors of arts (BA), and a bachelors of Science (BS) degree. The BA has a broader scope, with a strong emphasis on the humanities, theoretical and general knowledge in a recognized discipline, interdisciplinary field, or of a professional study. The BS is more of a focused approach with a science base to include a balance of liberal arts, technological knowledge, math and computer oriented skills, and practical skills needed for a particular discipline within the field.

Which is better a AA in business information systems or BS in computer science?

In today's competitive job market, your level of education can help you stand out from the pack. An AA is an associate of arts degree. It takes two years to complete. A BS is a bachelor of science degree. It takes four years to complete. A BS in computer science will get you further than an AA because it shows potential employers that you are capable of committing to something for four years.

What is the meaning of BS?

A "BS" (British Standard) document is generally confined to the UK and many British territories (Gibraltar, for example). You might also come across a "BS EN" (British Standard Euro Norm) document, which applies to many European countres and includes the UK.

What does BS mean for a degree?

BS stands for bachelor of science degree.