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You can use a Gmail's alternative Gmail to retrieve password. The password can be reset via this email account. This is the reason why you need an alternate account.

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how can i create alternative account
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Don’t know password

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Q: Retrieve g mail sign in and password and have sent to alternative g mail account?
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Is there a master password for a Yahoo Mail account?

there is no master password for yahoo mail account

What do you do if you forget your AOL password and answer to your security question and you need to retrieve an important mail from your account?

if you click forgot password it only needs your username/email and the text from the image

How can I retrieve my forgotten Password for Yahoo Gmail or Hotmail?

how do you get your password from Hot mail if you forget

What is an alternative email?

If you mean when you Create a New E-Mail! If you forgot your Password the E-Mail provider can send a E-Mail to the alternative email with a link to reset your password.

How do you retrieve pop server mail?

Type in the right password and email address.

You are unable to open your rediff mail account while you know your password?

we are unable to open my rediff mail account while i know my password

How can easily hack Gmail password?

To get into another persons E-mail(gmail) account is illegal and against google terms and conditions as well as there Privacy Policy. If you foregot your e-mail account password, you can click on the "I can not access my account" button. From there, you can reset your password, but you will have to have put in a secondary e-mail when you set up your account. this will send an e-mail to this account so you can reset your password.

How do you password without an email account?

If you do not have an E-mail account, you have no need to have a password (nor would any be assigned to you).

How can you get your Poptropica password if you forget?

If you have a membership account, or if you have registered an e-mail address with Poptropica, they can mail your password back to you. If you have not registered, there is no way to recover a password.

How do you retrieve lost email address and password on friendster?

how do you retrieve lost e mail Was forwarding a mail to multiple recipients and mailer demon said some were undeliverable, but then the entire e mail got lost. I received no answer yet.

How do you get your spouse's Rogers voice mail password?

If the account is in your name, then Rogers will either tell you the password or let you change it. If the account is not in your name, you can't do anything as it is not your password.

How do you get a new password for the Yahoo Mail if the current password is not working?

i want new account opening

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