Rey Mysterio or Jeff Hardy

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Rey is better he keeps his word word.Jeff's risk of swanton bomb almost

costs him the match when he misses

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Q: Rey Mysterio or Jeff Hardy
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Who is stronger Jeff hardy or rey mysterio?

jeff hardy wat else

Which wrestler is better Jeff hardy or rey mysterio?

Its obviosly Rey Mysterio because he's athletic and strong and unlike Jeff Hardy he actually has some sense in him

Which wrestler is more extreme Jeff Hardy or Rey Mysterio?

Jeff hardy by far,a 30ft swanton bomb on randy orton whats rey mysterio done like that

Is Jeff hardy better than rey mysterio?

Jeff and rey are as good,by working they can beat everyone

Who attacked rey mysterio at Extreme Rules 2010?

Jeff hardy

Is rey mysterio and Jeff hardy best friends?

yess they are best frndzz and batista also his best frend is rey mysterio

Who would win Jeff hardy john Morrison rey mysterio or Evan boure?

Jeff Hardy or John Morrison

How become a High Flyer Wrestler?

jeff hardy and rey mysterio but i will say jeff is better

Who is Jeff Hardy's new tag team partner?

Jeff Hardy's partners are r truth rey mysterio and john Morrison

WHO IS the best highflyer in WWE?

Jeff hardy Jeff Hardy, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Rey Mysterio or Evan Bourne

Who else will go to ECW after Kurt angle?

jeff hardy RVD & Rey Mysterio

Who is better rey mysterio or Jeff hardy?

Your question is optional my personal opinion is that i like Jeff Hardy more. He has won more titles he is a ultimate high flyer and gives everything a go! Rey is still a huge competitor.