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Violin: canon rock in d

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Q: Rock Songs with Violins or Cellos?
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How popular is the cello compered to the violin?

There are more violins than cellos but cellos are so defidently cooler. :)

Where are the string instruments seated in the orchestra?

The violins are seated to the left of the conductor. The first violins to the far left, the 2nd violins to the right of the first violins. The violas in front of the conductor, the cellos to the right, double bass behind the cellos. Hope I helped with your question :D

What instruments are used in vivaldi's four seasons?

violins and cellos

What family is the harp in?

the string familly next to violins violas and cellos

Where is the violas in the orcestra?

In most typical middle school and high school orchestras, the violas sit near the middle, in between the cellos and the 2nd violins. It goes like this: 2nd violins Violas 1st violins Cellos

What type of instruments are used in a dramatic melody?

Violins, Cellos, French Horns

What istruments do the people of Monaco play?

pianos and violins ,cellos ,violas ,or basses

Keyed instruments played in the orchestra?

Violins! I am a keen violinist, and violins are the main instruments played in an orchestra closely followed by cellos and violas.

What type of instrument was made by the Stradivari family?

Stringed instruments such as cellos, violins, and violas.

What instruments fall under the string category?

Guitars, cellos, basses, violins, and a viola

What does an Orchestra have that a Symphonic Band does not?

An orchestra has violins, violas, and cellos, and a symphonic band doesn't.

What instruments does the song Eleanor Rigby have?

Mainly violins, violas, and cellos. So an orchestra.

How many violins did stradivari build?

540 and he also made 12 violas and 50 cellos

What instrument was used in the Pastoral Symphony by beethoven?

violins, cellos, french horns,oboes, clarinets

What instruments were used in Eine Kliene Nachtmusik?

A string orchestra, violins, violas, basses, cellos.

What instrument plays Peter in Peter and the wolf?

The stringed instruments like the violins, violas, and cellos.

Which string instruments would you find in a quartet?

Violins,Violas and Cellos

How many string instruments in a orchestera?

Depends on the orchestra size. The sections are : Violins, 2nd Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double-basses. Sometimes a harp.

Is upright bass another name for a cello?

No... upright bass is a bass. There are violins, violas, cellos and basses.

How many violins and cellos did Antonio Stradivari make?

He made many instruments during his time period.

How did Antonio Stradivari become famous?

Made stringed instruments like violins, cellos, guitars and harps.

What instrument was used in the shower scene in the movie psycho?

there was violins, and I'm pretty sure cellos as well

Where are the frets on a viola?

Violas do not have frets. Nor do violins or cellos. Frets are found on stringed instruments such as guitars.

What are the music families for music?

In Orchestra, there is Alto (violas) Treble (violins) And Bass (cellos and string bass)

Does first chair sit in fromt row of orchestra?

The front row is usually made up of the first and second chair 1st violins, 2nd violins, violas, and cellos.