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Montague and Lady Montague

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Q: Romeo is the son of
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Who is the mother of Romeo Santos' son?

romeo santo" son who mother with marry

Who was the son of Montague from Romeo and Juliet?


Who is Romeo out of Romeo and juilet?

Romeo is Juilet's eniemies son who she does not know until after they kiss.

What actors and actresses appeared in Son of Romeo - 1990?

The cast of Son of Romeo - 1990 includes: Chris Willems

Was Shakespeare's Romeo the eldest son?

In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is the sole heir to the Montague fortune. This means that he must be the only surviving son (the play suggests that he is the Montagues' only living child). We do not know if Romeo was the eldest son, but we do know that he is the only one who is still alive.

What is the name of Romeo's aventura son?

his son's name is Alex

Who was the son of Montague?


What is Brittanya Ocampo's son's name?


What is the literal translation of Romeo romeo where for art thou romeo?

Romeo, Romeo, where are you Romeo? Wrong. It actually means why are you Romeo i.e. why must you be a Montague, the only son of my father's enemy.

When was lil Romeo killed?

Master P's son Lil Romeo is not dead.

In Romeo and Juliet why has mantague been worried about his son Romeo?

Romeo has been acting depressed and waking around aimlessly.

Is romeo miller adopted by master p?

No. Romeo is Master P's biological son.

Why was Montague worried about his son Romeo?

Romeo had not been talking to anyone and seemed distracted.

Which famous English footballer has called his child Romeo?

David Beckham has called his third son Romeo.

What siblings does William Shakespeare's Romeo have?

He is an only son. The Nurse tells Juliet at the Capulet ball "His name is Romeo, and a Montague;The only son of your great enemy. "

Who is Anthony Santos' son?

Anthony Romeo Santos son's name is Alex.

Where is Anthony Romeo Santos son Alex mom from?

he never speaks about his baby mother, he says he respects he a lot but has kept both his son and her out of the spotlight until recently';Source: Santos Nos presenta Su hijo - Son Of Romeo |

Is bow wow and Romeo brothers?

No. romeo is the son of Master P, bow wow isn't.

Who is lady Montague son from romeo and Juliet?

Romeo, the guy in the title. He is the Montagues' only child.

Which famous English footballer called his child Romeo?

David Beckham is a famous English football who named his son Romeo. He named his third son Romeo. He was famous for playing for the English national team, and has since retired from the team.

Where is brittanya o campo son romeo?

Brittanya o Campo's son Romeo is alive and well. However, he was given to foster parents, as his mother tried to harm him.

Is Romeo a prince?

No, Romeo is just the son and heir of Montague, a prosperous nobleman. The Prince in Romeo and Juliet, who is called Escalus, is the ruler of the city.

Who was the Romeo in Romeo and Juliet story?

Romeo was Juliet's lover. As well as being one of the main Characters in the story. Son of Old Montague .

Who are romeo and Julia?

Romeo and Julia are characters in the opera written by Heinrich Sutermeister called Romeo Und Julia. In the opera, Romeo is the son of Montague and Julia is the daughter of the Capuletis.

What is Romeo Santo's son's name?