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It is probably the airbag warning light and in most cases it results from under your driver/passenger seat. If you look at the wires under the seat and push the connecting cable together it often resolves itself and the light will go out. Good luck.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-28 23:02:24
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Q: Rover 75 yellow light with dash round?
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Where to download a free owners manual for a 2006 Land Rover Range Rover?

On the dash board above the gas gauge what does a (!) light coming on mean on a range rover 2006 sport?

What is the yellow warning light on your Mitsubishi L200 dash?

A Mitsubishi L200 yellow warning light on the dash could mean the ABS is having issues. It is best to check the owner manual for defined warning light meanings.

2006 Ford focus yellow exclamation light on dash?


What does the yellow light on your dash of your Ford Fiesta mean?

Im not sure about yellow but the green means your indicating.

What is a Honda 2005 triangle with exclamation dash light?

what does it mean to have a yellow triangle with a exclaimation point inside of a 2005 Honda crv dash light

What does the round yellow warning light with a snow flake in the middle mean in a 2006 BMW 530 xi?

The snowflake in the middle of the dash indicates that there is a frost advisory and to use caution while driving.

How do you reset a service engine light on a land rover discovery 1998?

Inside panel passenger side under dash by door.

How do you describe popcorn?

light and fluffy with a slight crunch. yellow and sometimes buttery with a dash of salt.

What does the low coolant dash light look like on a 97 grand prix?

a yellow thermometer

What is a yellow arrow circle light with a triangle in the centre on dash board warning light on a seat alhambra indicate?

Its os the traction control light

What does a check engine light look like?

On the dash a yellow light that is in the shape of an engine on the lower left side of the information center.

Why does the dash brake light flicker on your 1999 Land Rover Discovery V8i?

the brake fluid level is low in your master cylinder, add some brake fluid and the light will stay off

Vw lt 46 dash light circled arrow?

that yellow light circled arrow is immoliser warning light.most prob faulty key.

Need the owners manual for a 1990 eclipse 1.8?

yellow light on dash next to check engine light what does it mean 1990 eclipse 1.8

My 2003 vw jetta has a warning light on the dash. How do I know what it means?

yellow cirle with a triangle and ! in the center

How do you install your light switch in your 1971 f100?

Reach under the dash at the switch. There is a small button on the side of the switch, push it in and remove the light switch knob. The switch is fastened to the dash by the round nut with a slot on each side of it.

Where is the fuse box on 2003 range rover?

in dash glove box

What does the yellow light in a shape of a car with flashing rear lights under the fuel gauge mean on a 97 Toyota Camry?

the yellow light on your dash means thst you have a bulb out in the rear of your vehicle. Hava a nice day.

Yellow engin warning light on dash 2004 freestar what do you check?

Evap Emmissions system has small leak PO442

What is the yellow light on the dash mean under the tack on a Mitsubishi eclipise shaped like a crown?

Low coolant warning

What does the yellow light of a man holding a key mean on the dash of a 1999 Ford Escort Zx2?

I think you mean the airbag readiness light . If the light stays on or flashes take it to mechanic / technician

How to get yellow engine light on dash off?

If the Check Engine light is on then there is a problem with the emissions system. Once that is repaired the light can be reset. Reset it without repairing the problem and it will just come back on.

What are the symptoms that let you know a car needs a tune up?

The yellow "engine management" light will show in the top right of your dash.

On a 1995 land rover discovery What is the dash board symbol that looks like a trailer mean?

It's a green light that should flash once every time you put your signal light on (either direction). This light tells you that the trailer wiring system that was built into the Disco is working properly. When you tow a trailer and connect the trailer lights to the LR wiring connection next to the hitch, the green "trailer" light on the dash should flash in sync with the signal light arrows every time you put on your signal light. This is telling you that your trailer lights are working properly. If the green "trailer" dash light does not flash, then you might have something wrong with the trailer lights or with the wiring. Unfortunatly Land Rover abandoned this feature on the Disco II.

Where is dash light fuses in caprice 1996?

where is dash light fuses in caprice1996