Royalty in Medieval Times

Updated: 11/10/2022
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For my senior trip im going to medieval times

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Q: Royalty in Medieval Times
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Someone who controlled the servants in the medieval times?


Is there royalty in Sims 3?

There is no "royalty" in The Sims 3. There are however nobles/kings/queens and such in the Sims Medieval, which is very much like Sims 3 but during Medieval times.

Why is the color purple considered the color of royalty?

Because in medieval times the clothes were colored with natural dye... the purple color came from a very rare flower, so only the rich people could have it. The thing is in those times the rich people were only royalty.

What did the colour purple represent in medieval times?

Purple was symbolic of royalty because purple dyes were so expensive only the king could afford them.

What did a serf do in medieval time?

they where like peasants but lived in the castle to help royalty

How did the great chain of being work according to medieval and renaissance times?

In medieval times the chain went like this. God The King (God's Representative on Earth) Royalty (The kings family) Nobles Knights Middle class/Specialty workers (Blacksmith, etc.) Landless laborers (Farmers) Slaves

Why were princesses important in the medieval society?

They were born into Royalty, and they rank highest with the King and Queen.

How were people elected in medieval cities?

They weren't. Medieval cities were ruled by a monarchy which has a King or Royal Family. You had to be born into Royalty or overthrow the King to be elected.

What language did the medieval royalty speak?

Their languages depended on what country they lived in.

What were dinosaurs like in medieval times?

There were no dinosaurs in medieval times.

How did the Medieval church treat peasants and royalty differently?

In the Middle Ages, royalty had access to aspects of the Church to which the peasants did not have. For example, many monarchs had a priest who acted as the monarch's personal confessor.

What id another term used to describe the middles ages?

Medieval PeriodDark Age?Medieval times or the medieval era.