Saddam Hussein used weapons of mass destruction in the 1980 is it positive or normative economics?

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What are weapons of mass destruction?

Nuclear, biological, toxic and chemical weapons. The following are a list of weapons (real & under research) with massive destructive capabilities. - modified smallpox (the most popular form of biological weapon). With some modifications, this disease is capable of crippling continents (modified ( Full Answer )

Who was Saddam Hussein?

A fanatical leader of Iraq until recently when he was caught bytroops sent in to rid the country of him and rid him of thecountry. He murdered thousands of his citizens through his veryharsh regime and became notorious throughout the world. He waseventually put to death by hanging under his own capi ( Full Answer )

What is the positive and normative analysis in economics?

A positive analysis is a statement of what is. The truth. Purely descriptive statements or scientific predictions. A normative analysis is a statement of what ought to be. Analysis involving value judgments.

Was Saddam Hussein a threat to the us?

In all fairness, Hussein really wasn't the threat; it was the vast store of WMD's in Iraq that the US needed to contend with. Saddam Hussein was definitely a threat, but not necessarily for the major publicized reasons. . He was openly hostile to the US after the first US-Iraq War. . He had ( Full Answer )

How is anthrax used as a weapon of mass destruction?

Bacillus anthracis spores are easily produced in mass quantities ina lab. They are tiny, easily spread, can be passed from plant toanimal to human, and cause easily be fatal to an unvaccinatedpopulation. The application of the spores is undetectable withoutspecial testing, and can survive for very l ( Full Answer )

Which US politicians met with Saddam Hussein?

Several major US leaders met with Saddam Hussein including DonaldRumsfeld and Rachel Glaspie. However, these contacts ended in 1991because of the Persian Gulf War of 1990-1991.

Are there Songs About Weapons of Mass Destruction?

There is at least one of them, as I have a copy, and was looking for the artist name when I encountered this page. Song title: Weapons of Mass Destruction (parody to tune of "Eve of Destruction")

What is the difference between positive and normative economics?

Positive economics is the branch of economics that concerns thedescription and explanation of economic phenomena. Normativeeconomics is the study of economics that attempts to determine thedesirability of different economic conditions.

How many weapons of mass destruction does Pakistan have?

Best estimates place the number of nuclear weapons Pakistan currently possesses somewhere between 50-60. Most of these are not attached to delivery systems (missiles, air-dropped munitions), but could be done in relatively short order. These weapons fall within the 4-12 kiloton range, the explosive ( Full Answer )

Can you prove to me that religion is not a weapon of mass destruction?

Religion has never destroyed particularly more people at any time then any other excuse man has been able to dream up. Take for instance Americas reprisal for the 9/11 attack many unfortunate Innocent souls were killed in that, yet the Americans chose to kill even more unfortunate Innocent people ou ( Full Answer )

What are the objectives for weapons of mass destructions?

Weapons of mass destruction; are political tools for Internationale control terrorism: 1. Political violence: violence or the threat of violence, especially bombing, kidnapping, and assassination, carried out for political purposes. [English. v. err, To be mistaken, or make a mistake. n. Terror. ( Full Answer )

When has weapons of mass destruction ever been used?

Infected carcasses have been introduced into wells and walled cities to infect the population for centuries. Mustard gas and chlorine were used by both sides in WWI. Zyklon B was used to kill millions in Nazi death camps. There were no mass casualties for each use, but the the end result was mas ( Full Answer )

What was the first weapon of mass destruction.?

The first "Weapon of Mass destruction" as far as Biological weapons goes back to ancient times when victims of the plague were driven into enemy lands to spread the sickness. Throwing diseased bodies over the walls of a besieged city or dumping them into a water supply were common tactics throughout ( Full Answer )

Why should the US care about Saddam Hussein executing shiites?

US is part of world Imperialism. shia is more political ans is seeking gaining power in world. Shia and Sunni have mostly same beliefs and both believe in fundamental beliefs of Islam. Today there is up to 260 sects in Islam that are in two main categories of shia and sunni. the conflict of shia ( Full Answer )

Why did the US consider Iraqi President Saddam Hussein a threat?

Saddam Hussein was considered a threat for many reasons: . He was openly hostile to the US after the first US-Iraq War. . He had invaded Kuwait. . He torched the oil wells in Kuwait. . He was committed to arousing anti-US sentiment globally. . He was willing to commit mass murders on some of ( Full Answer )

3 weapons of mass destruction?

What i think the weapon of mass destruction it depend on which aspect or part of the world you are talking with. For example what i see in most African countries the mass destruction can be viewed in-terms of poverty,HIV/AIDS and war. So these three to me in African perspective can be termed as weap ( Full Answer )

Why weapons of mass Destruction were used against the US?

Weapons of mass destruction have never been used against the US. In fact, the US is the only country that has ever used an atomic bomb against another country and that was Japan during the second World War.

What is the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction?

A nuclear fission bomb would be the most dangerous in use today. . Frankly, no. Nuclear weapons are probably one of the least dangerous of the major categories of Weapons of Mass Destruction. For military and political purposes, the following items are generally classified as WMDs: Nuclear ( Full Answer )

Why did the US give Saddam Hussein WMDs?

At the time, Iran was a bigger threat to the US, and giving Iran another strong enemy to worry about would help US in it's machinations against Iran.

How do you prevent weapon of mass destruction damage?

Weapons of Mass Destruction fall into one of four categories: nuclear, biological, toxic, and chemical (though, some include toxic in either chemical or biological). The nature of WMDs is that they are practically impossible to prevent damage from, short of stopping the weapon from detonating in ( Full Answer )

Is HAARP the ultimate weapon of mass destruction?

HAARP (the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a basic science research project. It has attracted all sort of conspiracy theories about its true "purpose" and supposed ill effects on all sorts of things (it has been rumored to cause earthquakes, the 2005 Asian tsunamis, global warming ( Full Answer )

Is economics is a positive science or a normative science?

Economics aims to be a positive science since, by definition, science is a positive enterprise. Normative evaluation necessarily implies valuation of specific types of outcomes over others, which would invalidate typical economic analysis by defending theory by using philosophy, especially ethics, i ( Full Answer )

What is Weapon of Mass Destruction?

Weapon of Mass Destruction are: . Nuclear Weapons, . Chemical Weapons . Biological Weapons . All weapons that could cause destruction of all people in single area regardless they are civilians or warriors. . More specifically, a weapon is classified as a "Weapon of Mass Destruction" if it f ( Full Answer )

What is difference between normative and positive economics?

Normative Economics is the branch of economic analysis that makes prescriptions about the way the economy should work. Positive Economics is the branch of economic analysis that describes the way the economy actually works. Thanks To Louguens Charles

What are US weapons of mass destruction and what do they do?

There are three main arms of WMD's: Nuclear, Chemical and Biological. While other possible variants exist, they can easily be categorized in one of these three forms. The US and all the largest industrialized nations have and employ a nuclear weapons capacity. Thermonuclear weapons, in the most si ( Full Answer )

Is micro economics positive or normative?

Positive, it's all about having objectives that can be tested, amended or rejected with the help of evidence or an objective explanation.

What country first used the weapon of mass destruction known as the atomic bomb?

In 1978 a Magic decrypt of a diplomatic signal from the Japanese embassy in Stockholm reported the astonishing news to Tokyo on 12 December 1944 that Nazi Germany had the Atomic bomb and had already used it in June 1944 south of Kursk to wipe out the Soviet 19th Division (19th Voreneyzh Rifles Div ? ( Full Answer )

How would weapons of Mass destruction be obtained?

They could be stolen, bought from someone that stole them, or manufactured. WMD's include biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons, all of which have existed for over 66 years- this is not new technology.

Where did Iran get weapons of mass destruction?

It depends on the particular weapon. Some were developed in Iran. Some came to Iran from the United States when Iran was under the Shah. Some came to Iran from the Soviet Union during the Iran-Iraq War.

Are computers the new weapons of mass destruction?

Regretabbly Yes everything is done by them so if someone hacks their way in all they have to do is play and that could lead to disaster. I won't say what they are capable of due to the fact people are silly enough to try it.

What are chemical weapons of mass destruction?

nerve gasses . blood gasses . blister gasses . nettle gasses . pulmonary gasses . incapacitating gasses . etc. Although commonly referred to as gasses, they may also be liquids varying in viscosity from water to thick motor oil.

Is it true that American Express is doing business with someone that sold weapons to Saddam Hussein?

Yes its true American Express do business with a Billionaire Yemeni man Called Shaher Abdulhak who provide his bank The International Bank of Yemen with their credit card services. This man played a key role in illicit weapons sales to the Iraqi dictatorship, according to a CIA report "The Procurem ( Full Answer )

What types of military weapons did Saddam Hussein have?

Saddam Hussein may at one time have had ambitions to have nuclear weapons, but he never had them. By the time he was ousted he had no significant chemical weapons. He did have a supergun designed by Gerald Bull.