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Sandy soil is dry in comparison to clay due to lack of moisture and consistency. Sandy soil is just not wet.

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Why sandy soil is dry to comparison to clay?

BEcause sand cannot retain water, whereas clay is very good at it.

Sandy soil is dry in comparison to clay due to?

osmosis plasmolysis capillary action envirroment Surface area of the clay is higher than the sandy soil so it adsorbs/absorbs more moisture

What is the soil profile for the desert?

The soil in a desert is dry and sandy.

What plants can be survive in sandy soil?

Cactus in dry climates and azaleas in humid climates can survive in sandy soil.

Why is sandy soil dry compared to clay?

All things being equal (which, of course, they never are), sandy soil will feel drier than clay soil because sand provides better drainage, mainly because it far more porous than clay. Clay is dense, less porous than sand, and acts somewhat like a sponge. actually sand is less porous then clay but other then that the above answer is fine. clay has a better ability to retain water like a sponge.

How can you make wet clay soil dry?

Treating clay soil with gypsum or lime helps to improve the drainage.

What does clay soil make when it drys?

clay soil has tiny pieces very close together, it feels dry.

What kind of soil does Indian have?

Indian Soil :) Anyway, i presume sandy soil, rather acidic and dry.

What type of soil would erode the fastest wet soil or dry soil?

it would be dry soil because wet soil is heavy . by Madison walker

What Ground cover is best for sandy soil?

Perennial peanut does well in sandy, dry soils.

Which soil particle is sticky when wet?

Clay soil is hard when dry and sticky when wet.

What are different types of soil?

the different types of soil are:- Sandy soil - light and dry in nature Clay soil - also called late soil Silt soil - Most fertile soil present on earth Loam soil (garden soil) - given the tag of perfect soil Peaty soil - acidic in content Chalky soil - alkaline in nature and poor in nutrients

Why crops grown in sandy soil need frequent irrigation than the crop grown in clayey soilcrops grown in sandy soil need frequent irrigation than the crop grown in clayey soil?

Because the pore space (the space between soil particles) in sandy soil is so much larger. In sandy soils, the water is drawn by gravity downward and away from the roots quite easily, but in clay soils, the pore space is so much smaller that capillary action holds the water much more tightly. This is the same reason that clay soils flood more easily and take longer to dry out.

What type of plants grow best in clay soil?

the plants that grow best in clay soil are plants that don't need much water because the clay will make it dry.

How many pounds of garden soil is a cubic foot?

The answer depends on several factors: whether the soil is (a) in a dense state (in the ground), (b) in a loose state (excavated). (c) voids (non-solids) saturated with water (d) voids (non-solids) dry, or partially saturated. (e) soil type is cohesive or sandy Examples: Saturated (dry) Very dense sandy soil 130 (115) Very loose sandy soil 115 (90) Very hard clay 115 (90) i.e, dense state Very soft clay 105 (70) i.e. loose state A reasonable value for garden soils is 120 lb/ft3 (+-5) tgd

What is the best tree to plant in dry clay soil?

it depends on you zone but magnolia trees usually grow well in clay.

How is the soil in Australia?

Australia is a very large continent. The soil in Australia varies from rich, volcanic soil to dry, sandy, infertile desert araes.

What are the ideal growing conditions for the mallow plant?

The mallow plant likes lots of sunshine and little shade. It can tolerate either dry or wet soil. It can also tolerate sandy, saline, or heavy clay soils.

Where are aarkdvarks found?

Found in all regions, from dry savanna to rain forest, where there are sufficient termites for food, access to water and sandy or clay soil. If the soil is too hard, aardvarks, despite being speedy, powerful diggers, will move to areas where the digging is easier.

What types of plants can grow in sandy soil in North Carolina?

Hi there plams trees are excellent for growing in sandy soil I raise them indots until there about 20 cm then out they go , when indoors wates them when the soil is quite dry to touch.

How does sandy soil feel in the hand?

it feels rough and dry and very light and very loose

What soil is heavy and sticky?

It is probably clay. Clay when dry is very hard, but when it is damp it is very easy to shape. Not suitable for gardening though because the texture of the soil makes it hard to find food.

When making a garden should I use clay?

No. Clay is quite rich in nutrients but lacks organic material and will dry out if not watered or will go sticky if watered too much. The ideal soil for a garden is a loam soil. It contains a balance of all three soil materials-silt, sand and clay-plus humus. Loam is dark in color and is soft, dry and crumbly-in your hands. Loam is a soil comprised of almost equal amounts of sand and silt and a little less clay.

How to Improve Clay Soil?

What is Clay Soil?By definition, clay soil is composed mostly of clay particles and is common throughout the United States. Clay tends to form heavy clods that stick to garden tools when worked. Also, it hardens and cracks in dry weather. A soil test can be used to determine a soil’s composition.The Pros of Clay Soil•Many trees such as hickory, maple, oak and popular grow naturally and well in clay soil.•Clay particles are positively-charged and bond to minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.The Cons of Clay Soil•The roots of many plants are unable to penetrate dense clay.•Clay is both slow to drain and does not warm quickly in the spring.•Clay tends to be alkaline which can be measured with a PH test.Perform a Squeeze TestSoil is easily tested for texture via a simple method that will reveal whether it is clay, sandy or loamy. Clay soils are rich in nutrients but drain slowly. Sand is poor in both nutrients and moisture, and drains quickly. Loam is the ideal soil because it drains well while retaining both nutrients and moisture.In order to perform a squeeze test place a handful of moist soil in your palm and squeeze it into a ball. If the ball holds its shape but crumbles when disturbed, this indicates it is a loam. However, if the ball continues to retain its shape even when disturbed, it is a clay soil. And if the ball losses its shape as soon as your hand opens, it means that the soil is sandy.Improving Clay SoilClay soil is best managed through an overall strategy of composting and tilling. Initially, as much organic matter as possible should be added and worked into the existing clay soil. Ideally, this would be to a depth of six to eight inches of compost across the entire bed. Compost is composed of a variety of different organic materials such as manure, grass clippings and shredded leaves.Annual applications of compost to existing beds are necessary to maintain soil health and texture. It may be necessary to add components such as lime and phosphorus into your clay soil in order to improve the overall quality. Ultimately, the ideal soil is both crumbly and moist to the touch.

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