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Saving on SSDI?


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SSDI is also known as Social Security disability insurance. There is not saving this all you can do is apply for it.

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In the state of Alabama, you ( I am) can draw WC payments and be on SSDI at the same time. If your WC payments and SSDI payments do not reach 80% of your gross salary, you are not penalized on SSDI payments

I'm on SSDI do I file taxes on $10,300.00 total income

legally yes. if a parent is on ssi or ssdi and does not have a job he or she will not have to pay child support.

Maybe. It depends upon the nature of the symptoms and whether they prevent the SSDI applicant from performing any work.

SSI is supplemental security income and SSDI is social security disability insurance. SSDI is given to people with qualifying disabilities and SSI is given to people only after they have retired or reached a certain age.

Social Security Disability (SSDI) is used by people in all professions. SSDI is sometimes the only source of income for people with disabilities. The best way to determine the qualifications, is to visit a Social Security office.

When filing for SSD or SSDI, you should list all of your health disabilities and significant conditions and diseases.

It can take up to a month before getting paid by SSDI. This is every state including FL.

do ssdi receive a check

Are you asking about SSDI? The answer is most likely not. It is very hard to qualify for SSDI to begin with and where you will be going back to work in a short period of time after your recovery it is very unlikely.

Yes, a person can receive both SSI and SSDI. You may qualify for SSDI but not for SSI if your SSDI income is too high or if your spouse makes too much money. In other words, SSI is solely income based for eligibility.

If you are on SSDI which is federal disability then NO. They must go to Federal court after receiving a judgment in order to have a Federal judge garnish your SSDI checks.

Check with SSDI first. If you collect Short Term State Disability, you may have to pay all your SSDI benefits back. The State doesn't always know what they are talking about.

Walmart charges 3% of personal or SSDI checks. They charge 1% of payroll checks. They only cash up to a certain amount, and each Walmart is different.

SSDI paid on the child's behalf, based on the obligor's account, is considered child support. The obligor would owe the difference, if any, between the amount of support ordered and the amount of SSDI, but the obligor should immediately take steps to obtain a modification to set the amount down to the amount being issued. see links

Yes, many. In the US some are on SSDI and some are on SSI.

Just an FYI: When there's any change in status, you should contact the NYS unemployment ins. agency. Their number is listed on their website. While SSDI is not a financial-need program, it assumes you are considered disabled enough not to either work or continue doing what you used to do when you collect it. In my situation, SSDI encouraged me to continue applying for jobs (I did) while I waited to be approved. However, once approved I notified NYS U.I. and they've requested I fill out a questionnaire/form describing why I can continue collecting unemployment while collecting SSDI. If you do not call them, they may ask to be paid back. If I can continue to collect U.I. (pending their review), I will notify SSDI of the payments I'm receiving. Unemployment insurance is generally based on State law. However, you can apply for and collect unemployment insurance benefits because SSDI is not a financial-need-based program, while unemployment is. Therefore your SSDI should not affect your eligibility for unemployment benefits in New York.

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