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Q: Saying something without thinking that it hurts someone whats the appropriate word?
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What is something you do without thinking?

you blink, talk, and sneeze, and yawn etc.AnswerBreathe.Autonomous

Is thinking someone is cute the same as liking them?

not really. you can think someone is cute without liking them, or you can like someone without thinking they are cute. the two dont have to go hand in hand.

How do you pass someone out without hurting them?

There is always some risk in doing something like this. For this reason, applicable techniques are not appropriate or wise for discussion here at WikiAnswers.

What means to do something without thinking about it?

To do something without thinking about it means to act instinctively or reactively, without conscious thought or deliberate decision-making. This type of behavior is often driven by habit, emotion, or reflex.

What is Something you do again and again until you do it without thinking about it?


What does the idiom i lost my head mean?

The idiom "I lost my head" means that someone acted impulsively or irrationally, often due to strong emotions or stress, without thinking things through carefully. It suggests making a hasty decision or saying something out of anger.

It is appropriate or it is appropriated?

"It is appropriate" is the correct way to express something that is suitable or fitting for a particular situation. "It is appropriated" would imply that something has been taken or seized without permission.

Which are the following are characteristics of nonscientific thinking?

This can not to be answered without something to choose from.

Can the opposite of applaud be blurt?

To applaud means to recognize that someone has done something great - it's usually done by clapping hands. To blurt means to say something hurriedly without thinking about it. They're not opposites, no.

How do you know when you want to be with someone?

you know you want to be with someone when u can go 10 mins without thinking about them

What is controll?

İt is to handle something/someone in the appropriate manner, without hurting them physically or emotionally

What is a natural habbit?

A natural habbit is something you do alot mostly without thinking.