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School uniforms should not be banned?

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I agree.

1. You don't have to keep purchasing new clothes

2. Reduces bullying.

3. Gives a sense of belonging

4. Easily identify the student

(improved by danger93)

5. Reduces crime

6. Increases focus on work

7. Decreases attention on beauty passion

8. Decreases the talking about other peoples clothes (especially like where they got the clothes from)

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Why school uniforms should not be banned?

Thwarts gangs.

Powerful quotes on why school uniforms should be banned?


Should uniforms banned from school?

It depends. In my school the principal sends the survey to our parents if the school should ban the uniforms of not. If you live in N.Y.C Queens, then it sometimes depends on the parents.

How many people think that school uniform should be banned?

School uniforms should be banned as teachers always punish over them and how they are worn. It is a placebo for the gullible.

Should school uniforms be bad?

school uniform should just be banned and let people just wear what they want.

What percentage of children believe that uniforms should be banned?

Yes, some people think uniforms should be banned

Why should uniforms be banned?

uniforms should be banned because, maybe the kids left them at home. what are they going to bring? uniforms are a pain in the *** to be worried about. why bother about uniforms? i go against uniforms in schools. i went to a school that had no uniforms and they still got enough money to go on field trips by selling stuff to us kids so why bother uniforms are a pain to worry about. I hoped this changed your minds about buying uniforms just go to a school with out uniforms...

There shold be no school uniforms?

there should be no school uniforms

Should uniforms be banned?

uniforms should be banned because, say that the child does not have it ready and it is in the wash? its not the kids fault, its the persons fault who made the kids wear it.

Why should children were school uniforms?

We should not wear uniforms because they suck

Should football be banned at school?

No why should it be banned at school , it is good for the kids.

Why do school uniforms exist?

I Think school uniforms should not be compulsory But I need your opinion. Can you help me?

Reasons why schools should not have uniforms?

Schools shouldn't have uniforms because you can't wear whatever you want to wear. It doesn't show your personality. Also, you are not able to express yourself. Every day you have to wear the same clothes every day. Wearing uniforms should be banned. Also, another reason is that uniforms are expensive. You have to waste all your money for uniforms on the first day of school. Maybe the rule of having uniforms should be changed

When people judge you on wearing uniforms what are some reasons why we should wear uniforms?

its the law we have to were school uniforms unless it non school uniform!

What is a good introduction for not wearing school uniforms?

We should not wear uniforms because...

Tell me a paragraph about why students should wear school uniforms?

Students should be made to wear school uniforms for a few different reason. Every school should have uniforms so that all students are wearing the same thing and can be bullied for that they wear.

Should schools require uniforms?

No, school uniforms is one of the many things i hate about my school. Opposite opinion: School uniforms reduces peer pressures about what kids wear.

Should school uniforms be in or out?

they most definitely be out!

Should school uniforms be allowed?

yes because it makes school neater and students do not have to overthink what they should wear to school. it saves money and time. uniforms show a form of organization of school.

Should schools require school uniforms?

People have different opinions on uniforms but there are pros and cons about them

Should you wear school uniforms yes or no?


Should uniforms be mandatory in school?

sa bewvdhbesa

Why should you wear school uniforms?

school uniforms stink and they are lame schools think we shouldd wear them because they think its cool but we should be able to express our self

Should school sports be banned?

it depends on the school but i dont think they should be banned because it gives you something to do whenever your bored:)

Should school uniforms be compulsory?

yes , it brings uniformity in school children