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Probably not a lot, it's rare for bikes to turn into real collectibles. Your best bet is to look at Craigslist/ebay or similar to see what that kind of bike is selling for.

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Q: Schwinn Bicycle 1973 what is it worth?
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When was Schwinn Bicycle Company created?

Schwinn Bicycle Company was created in 1895.

Who invented the Schwinn bicycle?

Thomas Schwinn

How much is a 1973 10speed Schwinn sporter in good condition bicycle worth?

Bicycles rarely become valuable collectibles, so probably not a lot. Have a look for similar bikes on eBay and craigslist to find out what they are selling for.

How much is a 1964 schwinn flambouyant red boy's or girls bicycle worth?

well it can be worth 500-700 dollars it depends on how the condition is

How much did a schwinn bicycle cost in 1950?

cost of a bicycle in 1950?

What are some bicycle brands that begin with the letter s?


What was the original retail price for the schwinn model 434 bicycle?


Did Schwinn manufactured a bicycle called the Corvette in the 1960'S?

Yes. The Schwinn Corvette was manufactured between the years 1954 - 1964.

What company sells the Schwinn Stingray bikes?

The Schwinn Bicycle Company sells the Schwinn Stingray bikes although they are themselves owned by Pacific Cycle Inc. The company was founded in 1895.

What is the best price you can get on a schwinn bike?

The cost of a Schwinn bicycle depends on what type of bike one is looking for as well as the features one wants on the bike. According to Shwinn's official website, prices start at around $200 and stretch to above $1000. The average for a Schwinn bicycle is roughly $350.

How much did a Schwinn Ranger 2.6 FS 26 bike worth?

A Schwinn Ranger 2.6 FS 26 bike originally sold for $139.99.

What does a road bicycle normally cost?

A road bicycle is used to race in bicycle races. A top of the line racing model can cost upwards of $1500. Some brands of these include Raleigh and Schwinn.