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Redheads are NOT always stubborn, this is a total stereotype. I know this from experience.

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Q: Scientifically why are redheads stubborn I'm a redhead and I'm stubborn and not all but MOST red heads I know are too?
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What is 'redhead' performance?

sexually, it is rumourd red-heads are good in bed. red is meant to go faster, so in general, maybe a quick performance. redheads are awesome fullstop!

Who is the patron saint of redheads?

There is no patron saint of red heads as per the Patron Saint Index.

How many natural red heads are left handed?

Barely any. It's rare enough being a redhead. I'm one of the rare ones, and I'm lefty. Actually, most true red heads are left handed. Not all lefty are redheads but most leftys have mediate family members that are red headed. the gene for red hair and left handedness tend to come together.

Are 1 out of 40 people redheads?

that is a false statement because only 10% of all people are red heads..... like me

Who has more hair blonds or brunets or redheads?

In the world, probably there are more people that are brunets. Blondes are next, and then red heads. This is an educated estimation. brunets-50% blondes-30% red heads-20%

Does Kevin Jonas like red heads?

He said he does. He said he like all hair colors. Which is great for me because I'm a redhead

What kind of boys like red heads picture please included?

Well redheads look innocent but they really turn out to be freaky-- Peace the rest together

Who were the round-heads during the civil war?

"The Round-Heads" was the nickname given to the Units of the Parliamentarian Army during the English Civil War, because of the characteristic shape of the helm they wore.

Why are redheads special?

All women are special. im a red head, i would not say we are any more special than a blonde/brunette. however i would say we are different and maybe a little unique too. my hair is very red and curly, it gets a lot of attention and i do stand out. Only the red headed one's are special. The rest of us are just trying to get by

What country has the most red heads?

Scotland had 13%.AnswerHands down, Ireland, of course. (9%) AnswerScotland then Ireland Mainly America DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHScotland has the highest percentage of redheads in the world

How rare are redheads?

Red heads are pretty rare since only about 2 percent of the human population has red hair. People of western and northern European ancestry are the ones with the highest occurrence.

Why do the majority of the society frown down apon red heads wrangers?

Because people are afraid of everything and anything different,.. since red heads arent as common as other hair colours, they are believed to be ugly. Also because many redheads are closely followed by pale skin and freckle, they are considered ugly, when really red heads can be quite gorgeous.