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The IB Exam Test has a score range of 1-7 points based on the performance in individual subjects. A further 3 points is awarded for TOK, depending on the matrix of performance.

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Q: Score Range awarded for IB ExamTest?
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What is an IB score?

An IB score is the score you get after you have taken your IB (International Baccalaureate) exam. It's similar to the American AP or British A levels. You can either take diploma or certificate, and it's a two year course. If you take the diploma programme than the Ib score is out of 45. You will take 6 subjects that are marked out of 7 and the last three points can be awarded with getting a good grade on your TOK presentation and extended essay.

Is is possible to get into top universities with bad IGCSE but great IB?

Weird, I just happened to be speaking about this to one of my teachers today. I was worried that my IGCSE score would be bad due to my failure in Chemistry and Physics (subjects which are mandatory). For next year my IB will start and I will definitely not be doing those two as it will also decrease my IB score and I pretty much suck at them. Is your situation similar? When I told my teacher about this they said that usually Universities will look at both your IB and IGCSE score when going into Universities but will look more into your IGCSE score. If you were to get a great IB score (e.g. 35) Universities won't pay attention to your IGCSE. So to answer your question and conclude my statement you can get into a top university with IGCSE and great IB. p.s. How bad is bad for your IGCSE and what is your idea for "great" IB score? Hope I could be a help!

What is the difference between IB and VCE?

IB has a different curriculum to VCE, IB is more known world wide and can get you an easier enter score. Although IB is a bit harder than VCE but in the end, it's all worth it

Is 34 a good ib score?

sure. if youre planning on going to a state school

How good is an international baccalaureate score of 44?

Haha well the school i go to is fairly new to the IB program. Last year we had our first class that graduated with IB, the people who graduated with the diploma i think they got something like 28-33... so thirty is pretty good id say No. Its not. IB score 30 is NOT equivalent to 3As in A Levels, it more like BCC My school is new to the IB program too, and I dont know of anyone with a score of 30. Our overall predicted grades are like 35-42, so no, 30 is not 'very good'. The average IB score is 30 - equivalent to 419 UCAS points, which is same UCAS points as three A-levels at 'A' grade and one AS-level at 'A' grade. 30 might be the average score, but IB students can score as high as 45 points - equivalent to six grade 'A's at A-level. (Full article: )

What is pre-ib?

Pre-IB is the material learned in the IB program in the 9th and 10th grade 11th and 12th grade is IB material

Do all IB highschools have pre ib?


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