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Squirrels, hedgehogs, frogs, moles, mice, toads & bats I'm sure there is more !

Shazanater x.

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What do you call animals that hibernate?

when do you animals hibernate

When do animals hibernate?

Animals hibernate in the winter.

When do animals hibernate in the autmn?

Animals hibernate in the autumn.

What animals hibernate in Autumn?

animals do not hibernate in Autum

When animals hibernate?

They hibernate in winter

Do sea horses hibernate?

No, they are sea animals. Sea animals do not hibernate.

What do animals hibernate in?

Animals normally hibernate in either a cave or a burrow.

What animals are nocturnal and hibernate?

Tortoises hibernate:)

Where do animals hibernate?

Animals hibernate in their burrows or in natural caves, sometimes underground.

What animals hibernate in the fall?

Most animals hibernate in the winter and not the fall. In winter months, bears and bats are known to hibernate.

Do animals hibernate during spring or summer?

neither. animals hibernate during the winter

What animals do hibernate?

Bears hibernate and wolves don't.

Which animals do not hibernate in winter?

Which animal does not hibernate in the winter

List of animals that hibernate?


What Animals that do not hibernate?

Animals at the Zoo

What animals hibernate and when and why?

animals hibernate because of the cold weather, some specific animals can't resist the cold.

Do all animals hibernate in the winter?

Hibernation depends on the climate of the habitat, temperate climates that change from hot summers to cold winters have animals that hibernate or in places where the amount of food declines during a certain time have animals that hibernate but not all animals hibernate. Also, there are species of plants that hibernate.

Why do sloths hibernate?

Animals that hibernate do so to escape the cold weather. Sloths do not hibernate.

What animals hibernate in Michigan?

Michigan does not have many animals that truly hibernate in the winter months. The few animals that do hibernate are the ground squirrels, some species of mice, woodchucks, and bats.

Which hedgerow animals hibernate?

Hedgehogs are hedgerows and they do hibernate in the winter.

Do eel hibernate in the winter?

No, it is land animals that need to hibernate.

What do animals do before they hibernate?

They store food before they hibernate.

Why do eels hibernate in the winter?

They do not, it is land animals that need to hibernate.

What are four animals that hibernate?

The four animals that hibernate are bears,bats,frogs,and fish.Bears and bats hibernate in caves.Frogs and fish bury themselves in ponds.

Do animals hibernate in Africa?

If you took a bear and placed it in Africa it would still hibernate. Do African animals hibernate? Depends on the animal now doesn't it?