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Sentence for forage?

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How do you use forage in a sentence?

Alfalfa is a great forage for cattle and sheep.

What is a sentence for the word forage?

He watches the rabbit forage for food.We will forage the land for edible things.

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word 'forage'?

Coackroaches often forage for food at night when people are at sleep and the lights are off.

How do you make a sentence with the word forage?

If we remain quiet, the fawn will continue to forage. It is obvious that some animal has been using my garden for forage.

How do you use the word forage in a sentence?

Clover is good forage for deer. In this case it is a noun, meaning food. Deer forage for their food. Here it is a verb meaning they look for food.

Can you give a sentence with the word forage?

Forage can mean either the grasses that the cows consume, or the act of foraging, which is how some animals find food in the wilds.

Use forage in a sentence?

He foraged the drawer for any food when he arrived from school.

Can i begin a sentence with sometimes?

Sometimes you can, depending on your context. Sometimes, the silverback's group descends into this valley to forage.

What is antonym for forage?

the antoynm of forage is "distribute"

How do plants forage for food?

they don't, only animals can forage

When did Forage War happen?

Forage War happened in 1777.

What two things do bees forage for?

The main things bees forage for are pollen and nectar. They also forage for water and propolis.

What are forage crops with examples?

alfalfa timothy grass forage turnips

What does forage means?

The word forage can be used as a noun as well as a verb. In the context of a noun, "forage" means food for domesticated animals, for instance fodder. Forage includes vegetable food like hay, pastoral food, grass, legumes and corn. When the forage is processed or stored, it is called silage. It is recommended to harvest the forage as soon as it matures, in order to prevent the decline in fibrous content and protein , which is a common occurrence following the maturation of crops. As a verb, the word forage refers "searching for food and provisions." Animals prowling for food can also be described as foraging. Here is an example of the verb "forage" in a sentence: The group of young men, who lost their way, were foraging the thick forest. The word comes from the German word feurre which also means fodder. Forage can also mean "to make a complete search of a particular place". In this context, words like rummage and ransack can be the apt synonyms of the word.

Spinney in a sentence?

As evening fell the badgers left their set in the spinney to forage in the fields below. ( a Spinney is small clump of trees with undergrowth)

What is forage?

Forage is herbaceous plant material that is fed to livestock in the form of hay, silage or pasture. Forage also means to search for food or provision of any kind.

How do you get a forge on sims 2 castaway?

click the tree you want to forage off of and select forage

What is forage Agronomist?

Forage Agronomist is a program designed to manage new forage breeding experiments. There are many different aspects of research going on and this was implemented to manage all of these areas.

How do plants forage for food how is plant foraging similar to the way bears forage?

Plants do not forage for food. Plants are producers and make their own food out of water, air, and sunlight. Further, most plants are sessile organisms and not being able to move makes it impossible for them to forage.

Does a panda hunt?

No they forage

Difference between fodder and forage crops?

fodder is the food for cattle and forage crop is food for animals & horses.

What has the author Darrell A Miller written?

Darrell A. Miller has written: 'Forage crops' -- subject(s): Forage plants

What is the importance of forage in farming?

Forage is feed, in the form of greenfeed, silage, hay, pasture, or grains for livestock. Forage, by definition, is herbaceous plant matter, grown from the earth or harvested by humans, that is meant for livestock consumption. Without forage, we wouldn't have livestock. And we probably wouldn't have food for the rest of the world.

2 different habitats in a prairie ecosystem?

grassland and forage and cover in forage a cover a grizzly bear is going to live there

Pasture can provide your horse with an excellent source of storage of fresh forage?

Yes that is the most common way to get fresh forage