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Sentence for oligarchy?


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why are u oligarchy witch me , said ------. thats how u make it a sentence

What is the significant meaning of oligarchy

The oligarchy controlled the entire nation.

There is no oligarchy in the modern world. This is the sentence that uses the word oligarchy.

Ok, well here's my sentence. I just learned what oligarchy was and I took a test on it. An oligarchy is a type of government in which a few people rule. So here's a sentence. "My country uses an oligarchy to rule our country, in which a few people are elected to make decisions for us!

An example of an oligarchy is a society in which a small group of dictators is in charge of the country

Democracy is not government by the loud, arrogant oligarchy; it is government by and for all people.

Until 1916 the country was ruled by an oligarchy of landowners who operated a parliament on a restricted suffrage.

An Oligarchy is a form of government where power resides with a small group of leaders - normally distingusihed by wealth, royalty, etcetera.It is a Greek term - here is a sentence, however, as it is such an ancient term and it mainly refers to Greece... this sentence will be more historical, than casual:In 404BC, an Oligarchy of thirty was appointed by Sparta after Athens conceded the war. They were nicknamed the 'Thirty Tyrants' as they held power over Athens; it resided with the Oligarchy.

An oligarch is a leader or member of oligarchy. An example sentence would be: Everyone was talking about how rich Russia's oligarch is.

Cuba is ruled by more than one person but not by many which is an oligarchy, not by one person which would be a monarchy or by the people of the nation which would be a democracy.

no brazil is not a oligarchy

what is the country for oligarchy

No Rome did not have an oligarchy it had a Republic.

Thailand is still an oligarchy

yes Sparta was an oligarchy

Monoarchy is the antonym of oligarchy.

depends on who is in the oligarchy

what are non examples of an oligarchy

An oligarchy is not run by one person. An oligarchy is a group of people leading a place

Government by a group; and not by a monarch. democracy is an oligarchy.

Oligarchy is practiced in China and Bolivia.

No its an autocracy :( but i believe that North Korea is an oligarchy

Oligarchy can be used today in china

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