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I hope you're smart enough to use protection at ALL times of the month!

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How do you make my wife pregnant?

Have sex with her while she's ovulating. "ovulating" is when her egg comes out into her womb, so that after you have sex it can meet your sperm, and she'll be pregnant.

When can a girl be pregnant?

If she has unprotected sex while she is ovulating, then she can become pregnant.

If you want to become pregnant And you start your periods Will you be pregnant?

Yes, you just have to have sex while you are ovulating & fertile.

If youre a month late how good of chances are you pregnant?

If you had sex while you were ovulating, then there is a big chance. Take a preg test to make sure.

Can you become pregnant while having unprotected sex while ovulating but took plan b the next evening?

i dont know but whoever put this question up is a dunby

Could some one be pregnant if they had unportected sex on August 17th 2008 when ovulating?

Sure, you COULD be pregnant, especially if you had sex while you were ovulating . There's no way to know for several days now. First week of next month take a pee test - that is if you don't get AF before then.

How can you raise your chances of becoming pregnant?

have sex when you're ovulating

Is it possible to get pregnant when you are not ovulating?

If you never ovulate, then no, you cannot get pregnant. If you were not ovulating at the time you had sex, you can still get pregnant, but the chances are quite low

What is the chances of getting pregnant while having unprotected sex on your period then get put on the birth control shot a few days later?

If you are having your period at the time of sex then you are not currently ovulating and you would not get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend had traumatic brain injury was in a coma for 1 12 weeks?

That depends. Did you have sex before or after his coma? During??!! You must have sex while you are ovulating to get pregnant. His head injury does not prevent him from making and delivering sperm to you during sex.

When do woman want sex?

before their period, when they're ovulating Whenever we are horny, but it has to be good orgasmic sex.

Can you get pregnant after having had appendicitis?

No, unless you had sex around the time you were ovulating.

Had protected sex while ovulating but when he pulled out Condom slipped off inside me does this raise my chance of pregnancy?

It may raise chance of pregnancy if the fluids slipped out.

What could it be if you think you are ovulating and you have a glob of light pink blood when you go to the bathroom and then after sex you bled a little are you ovulating?

Maybe you just started your period

If you experienced spotting and tried a pregnancy test that came out negative is there a possibility one can be pregnant?

yes there is if you had sex while ovulating. you can also have spotting after having a confirmed pregnancy.

When a girl makes love on her cycle will she be pregnant?

Only if she is ovulating at that time. Each woman is different - so having sex while on your cycle does not insure nor prevent pregnancy.

How to get pregnant quick?

To pregnant quick you should track your ovulation cycle and have sex when your are ovulating.

How do you get a girl pregnent fast?

Sexual intercourse, while she in ovulating is all that is required. If you arre trying to get pregnant get an ovulation kit at the drug store to track that & lots of sex should do the job.

Can i get pregnant if I'm not ovulating?

Yes. The sperm can live in the vagina for almost a week, and if you weren't ovulating during the time of sex you most likely will be before the sperm dies. Be careful!

How do you conceive?

In order to conceive, you must have sex while ovulating. The sperm must fertilize the egg and then stick to the lining of the uterus. There are many natural tricks for conceiving, and remember, it's possible to conceive even while on one's period.

You want to get pregnant and been trying for 5 months now and nothing?

Buy ovulation kits, to make sure your ovulating, have sex every other day while ovulating. If you still don't get pregnant , talk to a Dr. he/she might could help out or send you to a fertility Dr. Good Luck.

Does sex hurt when ovulating?

Rough sex can hurt because the area inside is swollen and sensitive. Take it easy and it's still enjoyable.

Could I be pregnent at age 47?

We don't know you, but it is possible if you are still ovulating and have had unprotected sex.

Well you on your period and you have unprotect sex can you get pergnacy?

No, you can not get pregnant because you are not ovulating. 32% it may happen

How can you get a girl pregnancy?

Do you mean how can you get a girl pregnant? If so, you have unprotected sex with her when she is ovulating and hope for the best