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she wants you too kiss her

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Your close friend asked you to kiss her?

do not kiss her do not

Does Justin bieber still have feelings for Jasmin villages?

When the press an everybody asked him about their kiss he said it was just a kiss and it didnt mean anything.

So my crush asked me after our kiss if i will date him or if i love him what does that mean?

If your crush asked you if you will date him or if you love him after you kissed then it means he is interested in finding out how you feel about him.

What does it mean to kiss back?

It means that you go along with the kiss and you enjoy it, that you arent against kissing that person :)

My crush asked me if i missed him what does that mean?

If one's crashed asked whether you miss him, that means he wants you back.

If you give a girl a gift after you asked her out and said no?

Give her a kiss. an IRISH kiss

What does it mean when a boy sends a kiss back?

If you mean you sent an air kiss to him/a friend then he most likely thought it was for him and replied with another kiss BECAUSE he thinks your hot and he most likely wants you to be his girlfriend. Hopes It Helps!

I asked this girl to be my girlfriend and she said yes but i haven't kissed her yet so does this mean we are in a relationship?

Just because you didnt kiss her doesnt mean your not in a realationship.

What does it mean when a girl kisses back?

She likes you. If she doesnt mention the kiss, be a little nervous

What does it mean when a guy picks you up and spins you around and pokes you and consistanly tries to hug you and asked if he can kiss you on the cheek?

It means he likes you.

When does bobby Pendragon kiss loor?

It depends whether you mean actually kiss her, or when he trys to kiss her. I believe the first time Loor kisses him back/kisses him is in the end of Raven Rise

A swimsuit model kissed you what should you do?

It depends on the purpose of the kiss. If she kissed you intimately then kiss her back. If it's just a friendly kiss or I mean kiss in the cheeks or hands but not in the lips, then I think you should just say thanks.

What does it mean to dream that you want to kiss someone but they don't want to kiss you?

probably that your worried that they wont kiss you back when you go to kiss them, a function of poor self-esteem. So, your dream is telling you to work on your self-esteem.

When a girl kiss you what should you do?

Kiss her back

Do Yuka and Kakeru kiss in the anime?

No. In episode 6, Yuka confessed her love to him and asked him a kiss. Kakeru refused however. In episode 10, Yuka took him aside and asked him to hug her and kiss him, that Kakeru allowed this time.

Can you take back a first kiss?

sorry buddy. a kiss is a kiss.

What language is this and what does it mean te-a sarutat Trimiti un sarut înapoi and what does it mean?

She/he kissed you. Send a kiss back?

How many questions are asked in this website per week?

I believe that there are many questions asked in a week. When i mean many, i mean many as in a lot of questions so get off my back.

First kiss with a boy?

if its your first kiss you like him and he likes you then go to kiss him but if he pulls back then stop if its your first kiss you like him and he likes you then go to kiss him but if he pulls back then stop

What does it mean when you dream your best guy friend asked for a hug and a kiss goodbye?

It means you really like him alot and that you wish that could happen.

What if you kiss your girl best friend and she doiesnt like it or wont kiss you back?

It could mean she's uncomfortable with the situation and/or doesn't want to return your affection.

How do you make a super hot girl to kiss you?

Kiss her first and she will kiss back.

How do you kiss her on the neck?

hold her back get her closer then kiss her ...... :)

Can you french kiss a cock?

Yes but it will not kiss you back

According to tom what had mayella asked him to do?

bust up a chiffarobe to lure him into the house, at which point she asked him to kiss her

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