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You can find these online. Include what free consent is and discuss why it is important for this to be available.

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What counts as informed consent or free consent?

Informed consent or free consent is permission granted to another person to perform services such as treatment for medical care. Both verbal and nonverbal communication counts as informed or free consent.

Meaning of free consent?

Free consent means that you gave your consent willingly. it means that no one coerced you or influenced you in your decision.

What is implied consent and expressed consent?

Implied consent: "OK. you can do that" (verbal) Written consent: "Here is a note that says you can go on the trip."

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When is consent said to be free?

First, for consent to be free, you must be old enough to consent. The age of consent varies according to country, state, and type of contract. Second, in order for consent to be free, you must not be coerced, or forced. And you must not be drunk or drugged or otherwise in a state of body or mind which affects your decision-making ability.

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