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Medical terms are divided into sections and categorized based on areas of medical knowledge. Here are some terms that you may encounter from the surgical, obstetrics, and podiatric fields.


Surgical words are often used in the healthcare information management field. They are a staple to your everyday work, whether you're a medical transcriptionist, coder or biller. Found below are a few of them. You may notice that some of them are spelled or pronounced similarly.

• Auvray

• Bar's

• Battle

• Bergmann's

• Bevan's

• blunt and sharp

• buttonhole

• Cherney

• Chernez

• chevron

• circular


Podiatric medicine is the field of medicine that deals with treating different disorders relating to the ankle, foot and lower extremities. You'll encounter medical words from this field since the older generation are often treated for joint and muscle ailments associated with the lower extremities. Here are a few medical words starting with A that you may encounter while on the job:

abductor (muscle)


aclasis - pathological continuity of structure

acrodermatitis enteropathica

acrokeratosis paraneoplastica - Bazex syndrome

adductor (muscle)

adiposis dolorosa - Dercum disease

aDWF - ankle Doppler wave form

AFO - ankle-foot orthosis

alligator skin - ichthyosis congenita

allylamines - e.g. Naftin (naftifine)

angle, DMMA - distal metatarsal articular, Engel, Fowler-Philip, Kite, talo-first, Taygar



antalgic gait

AOFS hindfoot ankle score


aPVR - ankle pulse volume recording

atavistic tarsometatarsal joint

athlete's foot - tinea pedis, ringworm of the feet



Obstetrics words are words used in Gynecology or Obstetrics. These words pertain to the reproductive systems of women and may often denote the status of their pregnancy or birth-giving. Here are a few samples of these words:

T=term births

P=preterm births (prior to 37 weeks gestation)


L=living children

G gravida (number of pregnancies)

P para (number of births of viable offspring)

A or Ab abortus (abortions)

And here are some of the abbreviations that you may encounter as well. These are abbreviations starting with J and K. You might notice that you use some of them on a daily basis.

JVD - jugular venous distention

JVP - jugular venous pressure

JP - Jackson-Pratt (drainage tube)

K - Potassium

Kcal - kilocalorie

KCI - potassium chloride

Kg - kilogram

Kg-cal - kilogram calorie

Kilo - kilogram

KUB - kidney, ureter, bladder (x-ray)

K-wire - Kirschner wire