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Should Antarctica be developed?

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No. it should not be developed. It is one of the few places in the world that has not been developed and should stay that way.

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Antarctica is a harsh place. Development per se would be problematic, given that access to land is impossible for half the year -- the sea ice freezes, doubling the size of the continent; nothing grows there, everything must be imported -- it's 30 degrees F colder in Antarctica that it is in the polar regions of the northern hemisphere; development is simply an impractical idea.

2011-12-21 19:49:08
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Q: Should Antarctica be developed?
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How can antarctica be developed?

Antarctica should not be developed. Period.

What are the reasons why Antarctica should be developed?

Antarctica is a beautiful place.

Should Antarctica be developed in the future?

it should not be developed in the future because it is the earth's last wilderness

What are the developed countries in antarctica?

There are no countries in Antarctica.

Should antarctica be protected should antarctica be developed can you give me reasons?

Antarctica should be protected because of there great wilderness and all the animals has right to be protected even if they are wild or not all animals have right to live...... that's all I can say

What continent has no developed countries?


How can antarctica be developed in sustainability?

The continent of Antarctica is too cold to develop, sustainably or otherwise.

Why shouldn't Antarctica be developed?

. It may kill animals and there habitats.

What is the current oil state in Antarctica?

There is no 'oil state' currently in Antarctica, nor will one be developed according to the Antarctic Treaty.

Would a fisherman wnt Antarctica to be developed?

That would depend on the fisherman and what s/he would want to develop on the continent of Antarctica.

What company name should you use of Antarctica?

There are no companies in Antarctica.

How has Antarctica been developed?

There is no 'development' on Antarctica, but there are research stations built by governments interested in supporting the scientific study of the health of planet Earth.

Why is research in Antarctica so vital and why should research continue in Antarctica?

why not

Should Antarctica be a dessert?

Antarctica is indeed a sweet place. And, it is a desert.

What are the names of homes in Antarctica that humans live in?

Antarctica is home only to scientists, and for short periods of time. These scientists live in the "bases" developed by their countries.

How long will Antarctica last?

Antarctica should last as long as the earth lasts.

Should Antarctica be exploited?

Yes i think we should exploit Antarctica for supplying oil and minerals in case we ran out of it. However some countries think that we should not because Antarctica is the last unspoiled continent on the earth.

Why should you look after antarctica?

There are various reasons that we should try and look after Antarctica. For example, if the ice sheet that covers 98% of Antarctica melts a lot then the sea level will rise.

Should Antarctica be developed for tourism?

Today, all tourism to Antarctica is accommodated aboard the ships that they sail on to reach the continent. Since the Antarctic Treaty prohibits all commercial ventures, apparently the existing tourism accommodations are sufficient, with no need for development to accommodate tourism.

Why ozone depletion more at Antarctica?

It isn't.See "Why is an ozone hole formed only above Antarctica and not over developed countries that emit a lot of CFCs?"

How could Antarctica be developed?

It's too cold to 'develop' anything in Antarctica -- humans do not have the technology to overwhelm the extreme cold required to exploit the Antarctic continent.

Why Antarctica should be developed?

It could provide enormous reserves of fossil fuel as well as a new place for humanity to live. It could help to increase global food supplies enormously.

Should there be less tourists in Antarctica?

There is no evidence in the argument to limit the number of tourists in Antarctica.

Should you protect Antarctica?


What is one legend of mount Erebus?

Humans are not native to Antarctica, so there would be no legends developed.