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Should English be the only international language?

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Of course not. Besides, how could you possibly enforce something like that? Languages are living things, and they don't (and can't) come to dominance through legislation.

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What is the problem of The discourse of English as a language for international development Policy assumptions and practical challenges?

The only problem in using English for international discourse is that not everybody speaks English.

What is the language myth for the English language?

that it is only in English

What is the significance of studying English as a second language?

Local languages may only be spoken in the Country of origin whereas English is a international language spoken all over the world. Therefore, the ability to speak English makes international communications easier. The same could be said for other international languages such as Spanish or French.

You want to read Facebook in English language only currently you are getting only some other language -which you can not understandplease advise how to get the face in English only?

scroll to the bottom of the facebook page. the language should be on the left side next to "facebook" Click the language then a box will pop up. Click English.

Should English be considered a global language?

English is already arguably a global language. It is spoken by almost 2 billion people worldwide. Also it is the only language where there are 3 times more people who speak it as a second language that those who have English as their native language. So, yes, English is a global language.

Why is English spoken in Malawi?

Malawi was once colonised by Britain, so English was a popular language there. English is an international language, so many people want to learn it. Many people in Malawi do not speak English. The main local language is called Chichewa.

Which is the international language according to the UN?

== There is no international language according to UN, but yes, UN has declared 6 languages as the official languages...they are 1-English 2-French 3-Chinese 4-Russian 5-Arabic 6-Spanish but the working languages are English and French only.

What were the four languages spoken in Aramaic?

Aramaic is a language. It is the only language spoken in Aramaic, just as English is the only language spoken in English.

Why should children learn french?

Only French children should be made to learn French. While children should be made to learn a foreign language, that language should be one of the wolds major languages and French is not one of these. For native English speakers, Spanish or Chinese would be more appropriate, for non English speakers, English should be the language taught.

Why do they speak french in the eurovision song contest?

Well, of course, they speak three languages - English, French and the host country's. English because, though only one country in Europe has English as its main language, everybody in Europe learns English as an international language; and French because it has been from the start the official language of Eurovision; French is an official language in more of the original Eurovision countries than any other (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg) and at the time was still the international language of diplomacy.

Should speaking of English be made compulsory?

Speaking of English should not be made compulsory. It should be just like any other language where only those willing to learn use it.

What languages are spoken in Yiddish?

Yiddish is the only language spoken in Yiddish. Just like English is the only language spoken in English.

What is the only country in central America with English as the official language?

Belize is the only country in Central America with English as its official language.

What is validity for ielts?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. Its validity is only two years from the time the result has been released.

how many tenses are in English language?

There are only two grammatical tenses in English. The past and the present.

What language does Barack Obama normally speak?

The only language that Barack Obama speaks is English.

What courses should you take if you want to be a writer?

English. The only thing you need to be a writer is a good understanding of the English language so that you can write well.

Is English taught as a 1st language in Germany?

No, only at military bases and English schools. Germans begin learning English in the fifth grade. If you need an English speaking school for your child because English is your native language, you should contact the American Department of Defense school system and see if there are English primary schools in your area.

What is the scope of English in Pakistan?

English has become the language of media. It is an international language, used almost every part of the world. In our country , it is growing day by day.In 1985 , the English language was only in private schoolsbut now Pakistani government is making more and more efforts for the progress of English language. More institutes are being developed and organized. It has become the language of media , trade andscience. In Pakistan , the importance of English language is growing and now English language is compulsory in mostly all schools and colleges.The importance of English is very wide. Our government and official language is English. Our constitutionis also in English but there should be more and more institutes for improvement of English especially in urban areas. Scope of English is very large, you can see that every field, demand English . If you want to get a job whether it is related to bank , teaching or it can be any other profession, but it demands English. A person must be fluent in English and he must know all the rules and regulations of English language. So, scope of English can not be ignored. You cannot survive in the modern world without English.

Can you work in Dubai only speaking English?

Yes, English is the second language of Dubai. Although Arabic is the official language, English is a widely-spoken language in the workplace.

Is English language important Why?

I am an American English-language college teacher living in China. In this country, English is considered very important. It is an international language, and the Chinese can use it to communicate with people from many other countries, not only those whose native language is English. For example, there is a Japanese teacher here who knows little Chinese puts communicates primarily through English when not in class. Therefore, English is an important language for business. There is much valuable information in books and on the Internet that is only available in English. The students here in some majors such as psychology, economics, and even computers use some text books that are only in English. Chinese, on the other hand, is a much more challenging language to learn, especially if one wishes to be literate in Chinese.

No word in the English language rhymes with month?

The only words in the English language that don't rhyme are orange and silver.

Is sms distort your English language?

It's a file type, and only those like you distort the English language.

What is the language in Alaska?

There is not only 1 language but there are many other more languages so the question should be what ARE the languages spoken in Alaska. Or what is the the language the is widely spoken in Alaska.The widely spoken language in Alaska is English.

What is the language of Brisbane Australia?

Australia is an English-speaking country, although English is only the default language, as there is no official country language. Brisbane, as one of the state capitals, also has English as the default language.