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I would get the plasma screen TV. They have a much better picture and they are much better to watch movies on than a LCD TV. They also cost less than the LCD TVs.

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Q: Should I get a plasma screen or and LCD TV?
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What is the latest in television screen technology is it plasma or LCD?

Plasma is considered to be the cutting edge.

What is the purpose of a plasma screen tv?

Plasma screen TVs differ from LCD or LED TVs. Plasma TVs use electrically charged ionized gas to display the picture. The advantages of a plasma TV are that they provide a clearer and better picture than LCD or LED TVs.

What are the advantages of a plasma TV vs a LCD TV?

Plasma vs. LCD has been going on for awhile. Plasma was generally considered better for larger TVs and for "black screen" issues. However, LCD screens have closed the gap to the extent that plasma is rarely preferred over LCD.

Can you buy just the LCD screen part of a plasma television?

Plasma TV's don't have LCD screens. They're plasma screens and they usually will cost more than the TV itself.

What is an lcd panel and how is it used?

An LCD panel is actually a LCD screen that is part of your computer monitor or LCD Television. There are different types of screens such as plasma as well, but to answer your question, an LCD panel is the LCD screen on your monitor or television (provided it is an LCD model).

Can you lay a flat screen LCD television flat on the floor?

yes; plasma not!

Whats the difference between lcd TVs and plasma screen TVs?

Plasma screen televisions tend to operate more efficiently than lcd televisions. This means that the device will not heat up as much as lcd televisions, which is good because heat can lead to equipment damage.

What kind of room should I choose LCD flat screen TV set for?

The room you should choose a LCD flat screen TV set for depends on how far from the TV you will be sitting. For more information go to

What benefits do LCD tvs have over plasma?

Great question and the answer to this is very simple. LCD tvs last a lot longer than plasma and the pixels on the screen don't experience burning. Plasma tvs at some point the screen burns out and is now no longer wonderful anymore.

Which screen has the narrowest viewing angle LCD plasma or flat screen?

LCD is the narrowest, not to mention the size of the lcd tv makes it less narrower since you must stand back farther.

What is the difference between LCD televisions and plasma?

Viewing angles for a plasma will not have as many problems as viewing angles for LCD's, Screen Refresh Rates / Pixel response time for plasma screens are faster, and plasma tvs tend to be heavier. For more information on the differences, visit

What is the difference between plasma screen and lcd panel?

Plasma screen TVs use certain cells that release a special type of gas to produce the image on the screen. LCD TVs give off the image by using the light modulating properties of liquid crystals (LC; LCD is short for "Liquid Crystal Display.")

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