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It depends on your preferences and needs of your internet service. Cable has the capacity to have faster speed than DSL, but DSL can have more network security than cable. Customer satusfaction polls show that more people are happy with DSL than with cable.

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Q: Should I keep my DSL internet service or move on to cable?
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Does anyone sale cheap internet service that you are aware of?

I would to keep my internet service on but it's so pricey. Do you know who sales cheap cable internet service?

How to make cable internet into wireless?

You need to buy a cable wireless router, Once you have that, Keep your cable modem hooked up to the broadband cable, Plug the ethernet cable from the cable modem to the wireless rouer, And that should work.

Do you have to keep your local phone service land line with internet service to have vonage service?

Not if you have broadband internet.

Is cable internet better than DSL internet service?

This is all a personal preference. It depends if you would watch the cable tv more than you already use the DSL internet. Just ask yourself which you would get more use out of? If you keep the internet then you can watch TV on it and stream it from websites, whereas if you got rid of the internet you cannot access that through the cable TV.

Why is great cable service important?

To keep customers

What should I know when I'm comparing cable providers?

Cable service can vary widely from one provider to the next. Most companies will specialize in some aspect such as HD service or high speed internet. Match your needs to the specialization of a particular provider to find the best deals. Also keep an eye out for bundles and promotions that can save you big bucks!

What kind of email security does Comcast offer their customers?

Comcast is a reliable cable service company that offers email with their internet service. They have firewalls in place and active security programs running to keep their email secure.

Can you hook up Satellite TV and still keep cable internet?


Which cable internet service offers the best prices?

Verizon FiOS & Verizon Broadband Services offer blazing speed & crystal clarity of the 100% fiber optic Fios network & proven reliability for their TV, Internet & phone products that will exceed your expectations today & keep you connected down the road. ya zing. com/deals/verizon/walkyria27 remove spaces

What is the most affordable internet service?

There are many different internet services that have varying price ranges. Century Link, formerly known as Quest, has deals where packages can be made with TV or Phone services to keep the price of the internet down. Local internet providers may also have a lower cost for their internet.

How good is cable tv service?

Cable TV service, especially digital cable TV, is as good as satellite TV. The only difference is, cable TV is still there when a storm occurs and won't have to keep searching for a connection like satellite TV is known to do.

Can you hook up Satellite TV and still keep cable internet to Satellite Television?

yes. as long as you have 2 tv sets. if you only have 1 tv set then you need to unplug 1 service before you use the other service and vice versa

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