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I do. Doesn't seem to hurt it at all. I've been using this one for about three years now with NO problems. When it gets full I just download the pictures onto my computer then delete them from the memory card. If you don't want your computer plugged up with alot of picture files, transfer them from your computer to flash drives.

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Q: Should I leave memory card in digital camera?
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Photos from a Digital Camera: Don?

One of the biggest issues plaguing digital camera owners is the likelihood that multiple holidays may pass, and images are still stored safely away on the memory card of said camera. When purchasing a digital camera, shoppers should have an active game plan to enjoy the images captured by their sought after purchase. No matter if the preference is to store images electronically to share on social networks or to display cherished printed images throughout the home, the pictures must leave the camera to see the light of day. A commitment to not forgetting the photos from a trusty digital camera is a must.

Is it true that leaving your digital camera lying beside sound equipment or the TV can damage your memory card?

Doubtful but not out of the question. Just don't leave it there and you will never have to find out.

I dropped my camera in water so what should I do?

Leave it to dry, take battery pack out and take out the memory card You should Keep it submerged in rice for a couple days (of course take out the battery and memory card)

How do you download pictures from a memory card to your computer?

It depends on the camera, but on my camera I leave the memory card in it, plug it into the computer and then it asks me whether I want to upload the photos to my computer, although this may be different with different cameras.

Your digital camera got wet what should you do?

If it didn't get wet for very long just simply dry it with an everyday sort of thing (cloth, tea towel etc.) and it should be OK if you leave it for a bit. If you find something does go wrong and the contents of it are important, you can simply remove the cover, no screwdrivers needed but in an ordinary way, take the memory card out and insert it into a new camera. This info is for a camcorder that WAS NOT ON. If it was on, it has no suggestion of being saved and it would be too dangerous to take the memory card out so you shall have to accept it has gone.

Where can I find nice digital cameras?

American electronics has the best replacements you will find. I bought a Canon digital camera there a year ago and I absolutely cannot leave home without it now.

How do you transfer photos from computer to memory card in camera?

With the camera or a card reader connected, copy them just as you would copy any other files from place to place on your computer. If this doesn't answer your question leave me a message on my message board

Panoramic Digital Camera Techniques?

Taking a panoramic photo of your family or something in nature can lead to a beautiful print.� However, when taking a panoramic photo with a digital camera, it is easy make a mistake. Luckily, there are tips you could follow to take an excellent shot. � One tip when taking a picture with a panoramic digital camera is to make sure the scenery is still.� If you are taking a picture of nature, be sure that there are not any animals or birds moving around within the scene.� These could add to the character of the picture, but will undoubtedly leave the blurred markings on it.� ���

Why does a digital video recorder seem to be full at fifteen hours when it should hold fifty hours?

Sounds like you have your resolution set on the highest level. The higher resolutions require more memory and give you better quality pictures, but they leave you with less recording time.It also depends on the type of recording. Digital takes up more space than analog, and HD more space (5X more) than digital.

What to do when your camera is dead and wont turn on or charge?

leave the camera so when you next turn it on and charge it, it will charge.

What are the advantages of the camera?

First declare that I am not a professional, and said also for reference only. Camera, you can leave a person's image, is a carrier of the past or the present. Moreover, compared to painting, it should be easy to carry, easy to use.

Is it okay to travel with a camera in Rwanda?

Yes, but just like in any country you have to be careful with your camera and never leave it unattended.

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