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personaly i think you should name her Saorla. it sounds better then Christine for your pet.

I have 2 different names and here they are cloudy and magic I like your names 2 i just thought i would give you more choices

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How the word gnat should be pronounced?

it's pronounced "nat."

Is Christine Taylor bisexual?

you should not ask that

How is ephelides pronounced?

Ephelides, the plural of ephelis is pronounced eh-FEL-i-DEEZ, but should be pronounced FREH-kls.

How do you say Bethlehem in Dutch?

Bethlehem ... same as in English, but the "th" should be pronounced as "t", the second "e" should be pronounced as "a", so it would be pronounced as "Bet lay hem"

Did Obama mispronounce corpsman?

No, he pronounced it wrong. Obama pronounced it as Corpse Man, when it should be pronounced Core-men (corpsman).

How do Islams say amen?

In the same way its Pronounced (AMEN)It should be pronounced as A'meen.

How many words are not pronounced as it should?


Who do you think should have won make your mark?

christine and june, or jade

How is the word yare pronounced in Shakespeare's The Tempest?

According to the OED, it should be pronounced as we would expect, to rhyme with "hair".

How do you pronounce aisha?

a is pronounced as a short a, i is pronounced as an long e sound, and then sha, sh as in should, and then short a-e-sha

How do you pronounce ruadh in Scottish?

It is pronounced "roo-uch" with the accent on the first syllable. The "ch" should be pronounced as in Scottish "loch".

How is the surname Panagouleas pronounced?

Παναγουλέας [Pa-na-woo-le-as] woo should be pronounced like wool, wolf, wood

Which ending sounds better for the movie Drag you To Hell Christine not going to hell and marrying Clay or Christine going to hell?

Christine should never have gone to hell, it didn't make sense. Marrying Clay and staying on Earth would be the wiser choice.

The pronunciation for forehead should it be said forrid?

yes, in proper English it should be pronounced 'Forrid'.

Should the back have pronounced bones?

Down parts of the centerline of the back there should be some pronounced bumps. These are the spineous processes of the vertebrae. They are no visible on everyone due do a difference in muscle and/or fat levels.

How do you pronounce the word ass?

It is generally a bad word and should NOT be pronounced. Unless you mean like a donkey, in which case it is pronounced just as it is spelled.

Shouldn't 623 be pronounced Ro-ni-san instead of Mutsumi?

623 should be pronounced Roppyaku nijuu san.

Is this correct He should of known better?

No, "should of" should be "should have". The confusion comes from the way the contraction "should've" is pronounced. It sounds like "should of", but it's not.

How do you pronounce buiocchi?

It should be pronounced /bu.jɔ "boo-YOHK-kee"

How do you pronounce padriag in Gaelic?

That should be "Pádraig", it's pronounced "pawdrig"

How the word should be pronounced semester?

Semester: sem-es-ter

How is cum laude pronounced?

Cum is pronounced like it the beginning of cumin (the spice). It should rhyme with womb. Laude should sound like you're talking to a Canadian at a rock concert: "Loud, eh?"

Should the capitalized syllable be accented in this word zoology yes or no?

Yes it should be pronounced zoo ology

Should I name my Collie webkinz Christine or Holly?

i think holly would be the better name.

Destiny Cyrus should change her name to Christine?

no because destiny is a cute and cool name.