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---- Uneven dilated pupils, a headache, nausea or throwing up, blurred vision, deterioration of vision, dizzy, uncoordinated, inability to balance, slurred speech, the inability to answer questions or follow directions quickly, Irritability and low frustration tolerance, anxious and depressed or sleep disturbances. You do not need to be knocked unconscious to have a concussion and sometimes severe symptoms can take hours or days to show up.

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So basically I got hit really hard in the head yesterday, with a Golf club. I was dazed and dizzy at the time, and it hurt A LOT. Btw it was just above the temple. Anyway, so it is now a day after, and there is no swelling. It hurts a lot to touch, and ive got quite a bad headache, as well as feeling slightly ill, what should I do?

Thank you

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Q: Should I seek medical attention if hit in the head with golf club?
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