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yes i think they should be! well that's me personally

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Did Jamie Lynn Spears date Sean flynn?


Has Jamie Lynn Spears ever dated Sean Flynn?

Jamie Lynn Spears have not dated Sean Flynn as of 2014. She keeps pretty private about her relationships and family.

Why can't Sean FLynn and Jamie Lynn Spears be together?

Because they don't love each other and because Jamie Lynn spears already had a baby with someone else they are just good friends

How old is Jamie Lynn Spears and Sean flynn this 2012?

Jamie is 21 . Sean is 23.

Does Jamie Lynn Spears still like Sean Flynn?

yes sean and jamie are boyfriend and girlfriend. they've been together ever since zoey 101.

Is Sean FLynn mad at Jamie Lynn for getting pregnant?

Sean Flynn is not married or related or related to Jamie Lynn Spears. Lynn is Jamie's middle name. Her last name is Spears, like her sister Britney Spears. Only Sean's character likes Jamie's character in Zoey 101.

Is Britney Spears jealous of Jamie Lynn Spears?

jamie Lynn should be jealous of britney

Is Jamie Lynn Spears dating Sean Flynn?

No, she is dating Casey Aldridge, and is 12 months pregnant by him.

Dus Jamie Lynn Spears like Sean flynn in real life?

she likes him but she doesn't have a crush on him.

Did Sean FLynn date Jaime Lynn spears?

It is unknown if Sean Flynn and Jamie Lynn Spears dated. I am assuming not, because otherwise it would have been in teen magazines and the media. Sean Flynn was Jamie Lynn's co-star, playing Chase Matthews on Zoey101. It most likely would have been awkward if they would have dated.

Are Jamie-Lynn spears and Casey Aldridge together?

not anymore

Who is jamie Lynn married to?

Jamie Lynn Spears is not married.

Does Jamie Lynn have in pets?

jamie Lynn has 10 dogs

What is the birth name of Jamie Lynn Spears?

Jamie Lynn Spears's birth name is Jamie-Lynn Marie Spears.

Is there a picture of Jamie Lynn Spears as a baby?

Yes, if you look up Jamie Lynn Spears baby, you should be able to find some pictures.

Is Sean Flynn-Amir in love with Jamie Lynn Spears?

No. He is dating Kristen Herrera who played Dana on Zoey 101. He loves her.

Do Sean flynn likes Jamie Lynn Spears?

He's been dating Zoey 101 star Kristin herrera that played Dana

What nicknames does Jamie Lynn Spears go by?

Jamie Lynn Spears goes by J Lynn.

Who is jamie lynn spears's husband?

Jamie Lynn Spears is not married.

Do you think Jamie Lynn Spears should return to acting?

i think jamie should go back to acting she was amazing

Is Jamie Lynn Spears realted to Brittney spears?

Jamie Lynn and Brittney Spears are sisters, Brittney is older than Jamie Lynn.

How old is Jamie Lynn Spears husband?

Jamie Lynn Spears is not married.

What is Jamie Lynn Spears husbands name?

Jamie Lynn Spears is not married.

Who is Jamie Lynn Spears housband?

Jamie Lynn Spears doesn't have a huband.

What is Jamie Lynn Spears husband's name?

Jamie Lynn Spears is not married.

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