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Should WikiAnswers add an awards system?

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No. The reward is letting you ask questions and get answers for free.

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Should Wikianswers make it easier to add to questions that have already been answered?

Yes They Should!

Will WikiAnswers pay people to add links?

No, WikiAnswers will not pay users to add links.

How do you add people on WikiAnswers?

You cannot 'add' people on WikiAnswers. WikiAnswers is not a chatting website, so there is no need to 'add' people. However, you may manually add friends via editing your Bio Page.

Has the WikiAnswers system of Trust Points changed?

Currently, the WikiAnswers system of trust points hasn't changed - you can only add trust points, and you can only recommend from a question the user has answered by going to the contributors tab and clicking "recommend".

How can you add to the WikiAnswers spell check dictionary?

At the moment you cannot add any spellings to the WikiAnswers spell-check dictionary.

How do you add a picture to your answer on WikiAnswers?

Currently, that feature is unavailable; you cannot add pictures to an answer on WikiAnswers,You can add any picture as a Related link, though. See the Related question for information on how to add the URL.

How do you add your question to the appropriate category on WikiAnswers?

Usually, the system chooses up to three suitable categories - based on the wording of the question.

What is the meaning of your profile on WikiAnswers?

Your profile is there so that other WikiAnswers users to get to know more about you. You can add what you like to do, what your favorite WikiAnswers categories are, etc. Basically, anything you can think of, you can add to your profile--even pictures!

How do you add pronunciation to WikiAnswers?

You can in answers, but not in questions.

How do you add a URL link to an HTML page?

Code Example:This is a link to WikiAnswers.This is a link to WikiAnswers.

Why was your question redirected to 'What questions add no value to WikiAnswers'?

If a question is redirected to "What questions add no value to WikiAnswers?", then it became an alternate to that question because it added no value. Questions like "Purple blue yellow ice cream?" will be merged into "What questions add no value to WikiAnswers?" because, as the question states, they do not add any value to the site.

How do you make your WikiAnswers profile longer?

Your WikiAnswers profile will automatically stretch to fit the amount of content you wish to add.

What questions can not be asked on WikiAnswers?

Questions that add no value to wikianswers and questions that ask mean stuff that is considered vandalism.

Will WikiAnswers add parkour as a sport or activity soon?

They have already.

How do you add text right below your question?

You cannot do this on WikiAnswers.

Do you add the denominators when i add fractions?

No.And you should not add them either.No.And you should not add them either.No.And you should not add them either.No.And you should not add them either.

How do you add a link to a message on a WikiAnswers contributor's message board?

There are two ways on WikiAnswers to add a link to a message:[[name of link|way you want it to appear]][name of link way you want it to appear]Example:[[User:Example|Example]] asked how to add a link to a message on WikiAnswers. I just showed him/her the link [ here].It actually appears like this:Example asked how to add a link to a message on WikiAnswers. I just showed him/her the link here.

How do you get friends on WikiAnswers?

you don't!Be an active contributor, add to discussions, chat with people with common interests.WikiAnswers is not a site for making friends.

When a percentage question is asked can WikiAnswers add a make your own bar chart section?

No. WikiAnswers does not currently support graphics or images.

How do you add a subcategory on

WikiAnswers' higher Supervisors are the ones who take in the suggestions and add them, regular members do not add categories or sub-categories.

What does WikiAnswers do with an answer that reflects cultural bias?

We encourage people to add to the answer and balance it.

How do you add a question and answer on WikiAnswers before someone else does?

Ask question the answer!

How do you include a picture in an answer to a question on WikiAnswers?

You are not currently able to add a picture to an answer.

How do you add a hyperlink to a message board message on WikiAnswers?

You paste the link between brackets* and if you choose, you can add a word to name the link**.[] *[http://wiki.answers.comWikiAnswers] **Note: make sure to include the http://And if you include an apostrophe from a question on WikiAnswers then add %27 instead of ' . Ex. []

How do you add an alternate to a question without contributing to WikiAnswers?

Anti-Contributing to WikiAnswersTo add an alternate to a question without counting it as a contribution point, then ask a question on WikiAnswers. Before you officially submit the question, you can edit it. After you edit and submit it, your pre-edited question will be one of its alternates.