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Some of the larger TV's are DISH ready, meaning that they have the tuner inside for SAT TV. The SAT tuners often have an internal fan that makes a humming noise. If it sounds like something other than that, you might have a bad component in your sound circuit that allows 60 HZ hum through the speakers. If it is a rear projection LCG TV it has a fan in it to cool the bulb. You will hear the fan if you listen closely. It usually cannot be heard over the volume. i think the fluorencent bulb and electronics inside make humming sound naturally. Kinda like when you turn on a lamp, and some lamps make a low humming sound. Another thought. A low hum with no sound on in an LCD flat panel TV, if not a fan sound which you can hear the speed pick up as you turn it on, can be a transformer or coil hum that may be normal, but the level of the sound might indicate the panel itself is the cause. Too difficult to express the actual level that is not a concern. If it's anoyingly loud, have it checked by a professional. Hint, lower the following adjustments to aid in diagnosing. Brightness, contrast or Picture, and backlight, if it has that feature. Pick an unused port with no information showing to see if it is there too. This helps a tech to understand more. Also if noise is more noticeable on one side of the TV.

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Q: Should a 50-inch LCD TV be making a humming noise?
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