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The differintial is starting to wear...

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Q: What if your Chevy van is making a humming noise in the rear?
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My 1995 Chevy truck is making a grounding noise when you go in reverse?

Check the rear brake shoes, they self adjust in reverse.

What is the humming noise under rear seat of a Buick Riviera?

It is the automatic air leveling system. If it runs constantly you have a blown rear shock.

Why is car making a loud thumping noise from rear when making right turn?

Maybe that thumping noise is the sound of another car smashing into the rear of your car.

What does a noisy rear differential on a Mountaineer sound like?

it sounds like a humming or whinning noise, what year is the truck if its from like 01 or up those trucks have a lot of wheel bearinig problems that some one might misdiagnose as a differential noise or it could be chopped tires making the noise.

Blazer is making a low pitch humming sound when driving There is no noise while idling or standing still The noise seems to eminate from the rear wheel- worse on longer trip. Bearings?

close but ur an idiot blazers dont have pinions. they have gear boxes.

How do you know if the noise is bad wheel bearings?

The way to tell if you have a bad wheel bearing is when you are driving and go into a hard corner. The wheel that is on the inside of the corner stops making a humming noise. I just replaced my Driver Rear bearing on my 2004 VW Gti

Humming noise from rear in 2002 corvette Noise present when car in idle and moving does not incr with revving engine?

Have you checked your Exhaust Muffler and pipes ? Probably the fuel pump

Why does your 2001 Audi make a humming noise in the right rear when driving?

Its most likely a wheel bearing, I had the same problem about a year ago.

Why is there a rear humming noise coming from your 1999 Honda Prelude Why does the noise get worse when you accelerate?

The rear hubs more than likely need grease. If this isn't the case then the axles may need greased or check the tires for broken belts.

What causes loud humming sound on rear of Mercury Cougar?

Bad Tire or wheel bearing, rotate the tires to the front if the noise follows its the tire if remains in rear its the wheel bearing

You are getting a humming noise on both sides of the rear end on your 88 astro van what could it be?

try checking the brakes, maybe axel or suspension

Why is my Mercury sable making scraping noise in rear wheel?

Frequently the scrapping noise indicates that the brakes need repairing.

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