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I could try a good seasoned cast iron pan. You can also use a good teflon skillet.

Cast iron skillets are used for frying and baking. I use mine to fry bacon and eggs, and to bake cornbread. They are non-sticking if they have been seasoned. To season a skillet, cover the inside of the skillet with a thin coat of oil and put it into a hot oven (400). Turn off the oven and let the oil cook onto the skillet. It will form a coating that is non-sticking. Never wash your skillet in soapy water because that will remove the coating. When the coating is washed off or wears off re-season it. I have a skillet that is over 50 years old. It doesn't wear out, it doesn't get dented, and if you always keep it seasoned it won't rust.

They way I've always done it is to take and put just a tad of butter on the skillet then turn the stove top on. Once the butter has melted you turn the stove top off then wipe, with a paper towel, the skillet till it looks good. Voila! It's seasoned.

Depending on the exact dimensions, your cast iron skillet probably weighs in at 3 to 10 pounds, although it might seem like more. Even a cast iron dutch oven type weighs about 12 pounds.

A cast iron skillet is good in several ways. It is a fairly cheap product and will last many, many years if you care for it properly. It will also remain stick free if it is well seasoned and it requires less maintenance.

The TFal 12 in Deep Skillet available at Walmart for $20 has the best reviews. While non-stick skillets are typically desired, cast iron skillets have a huge following and should be considered. If seasoned correctly, they will retain a slick surface similar to its non-stick counterparts.

All cast iron cooking items, including dutch ovens, should be seasoned before first use. The seasoning process removes any chemical coating that the manufacturer may have applied, and creates a non-stick coating for the pan.

It depends on what you want to do with the skillet. A deep cast iron pot is idea for deep frying, while a more shallow skillet is best for frying or baking.

If you washed your cast iron skillet in the dishwasher you should be able to re-season it. Here's a link to a blog about caring for cast iron cookware:

Cast iron dutch ovens are excellent investments for both beginner and experienced cooks, and they can be used to prepare a variety of meals and dishes. Cast iron dutch ovens are also very durable, and they can last for years if they are properly cared for. The first step to taking proper care of your cast iron dutch oven is to season it correctly before using it. Before cooking with a cast iron dutch oven for the first time, it is important to season it correctly. Seasoning a cast iron dutch oven helps to protect its iron, and it prepares it for use. After you have seasoned your cast iron dutch oven, you can then use it to cook both indoors and outdoors, making a cast iron dutch oven a very versatile cooking essential. First, you should heat your cast iron dutch oven a burner that is set to medium low heat. After the cast iron dutch oven has gotten hot, you should remove its inner sticker while making sure to handle the hot dutch oven carefully. Next, you should allow your cast iron dutch oven to cool completely before washing it thoroughly with warm, soapy water. After your cast iron dutch oven has been thoroughly cleaned, you should place about a tablespoon of cooking oil in it -- vegetable oil, olive oil, canola oil or whatever you have on hand will be fine. Using a paper towel, you should carefully coat the entire inside of the cast iron dutch oven. After placing on a hot stove, you should then add additional cooking oil until the entire bottom of the cast iron dutch oven is completely covered. Turning your burner onto medium high heat, you should heat the oil while swishing it around the cast iron dutch oven until the entire interior of the cast iron dutch oven has been coated in oil. Last, you should rub the cooled oil all over the interior and exterior of the oven before placing your cast iron dutch oven upside down on a preheated cookie sheet in a 250 degree oven. After allowing your cast iron dutch oven to bake for an hour, you should turn off the oven and allow the cast iron dutch oven to cool completely before removing it.

Which is the best type of skillet. Some people prefer a heavy cast iron skillet, while others prefer a thin stainless steel one

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Determine which is the best type of skillet. Some people prefer a heavy castiron skillet while others prefer a thin stainless steel one. (Hint: Think abouthow each skillet conducts heat.)

"Teflon" is a brand name for a specific type of nonstick coating. There are many other brands of nonstick coating. But any well-seasoned cast iron skillet or pan will be naturally nonstick.

A Dutch Oven only needs to be seasoned if it is a cast iron pot. All cast iron pans are seasoned in the same way: warm the pan over low heat on a burner or in the oven. This only takes a minute or so. Then rub the warm pan, inside and out, with any type of neutral oil. Vegetable oil, peanut oil, shortening or lard are all good choices. Then wipe out excess oil with a clean paper towel.

It is best to clean a cast iron dutch oven with hot water, a brush, and little to no soap. After the cast iron dutch oven is dried, it should be coated in a thin layer of cooking oil to prevent rusting. You should store it in a clean, dry area with the lid off.

Cast iron is an alloy, a mixture.

A good way is to head over to They have a lot of questions and answers on how to remove oil residue from a cast iron skillet. An example is to boil some water and leave it in your skillet then wash off.

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There is a difference between cast iron and non-cast iron skillets. Cast iron has been treated and can absorb a great deal more heat than it's counterpart the non-cast iron.

Cast iron skillets are superior in maintaining a high cooking temperature, and therefore are great for frying or searing food. The heat diffusion and heat retention properties of cast iron also make these skillets useful for other types of cooking. Also, once seasoned, a cast iron skillet maintains a non stick coating.

Yes Le Creuset makes cast iron dutch oven ,a good dutch or french oven should be made of cast iron for its durability. Cast iron is what is called 'thermal inertia'- slow to heat up and slow to cool down.This characteristic is good for slow cooking.

Kelsey's Essentials - 2010 Cast Iron Skillet 1-13 was released on: USA: 2011

The items that can be found included in a cast iron cookware set are a 10 1/2 inch round griddle, 5-quart Dutch oven, 10 1/4 inch skillet and 10 1/4 inch iron cover.

Food cooked in properly seasoned cast iron cookware cooks better because the heat is more even and tastes better when the pan is seasoned properly.

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