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Hell yes. Make them grovel and milk it, that's what I'm still doing to my boyfriend.

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Q: Should a cheating spouse willing to do anything to regain forgiveness and trust in their marriage?
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Should you try to fix things with your cheating wife?

it depends on you, do you think that you could have a relationship with her still? can you forgive her? are you willing to? do you still love her? are you still in love with her? if so then you could sit her down and have a serious discussion about your marriage because you both have to be willing to work on this for any successful outcome to happen.

What is the word that means willing to do anything?

Desperate is the word that means willing to do anything.

Should a person ask for forgiveness before you give it to that person?

OpinionArguably, if you are not willing to forgive unless asked for forgiveness, then your forgiveness is not real. It is an act of extreme charity to genuinely forgive someone who has not asked for that forgiveness.

Will it be hard for a married man to make his marriage work after been caught cheating because he sees his ex mistress at work everyday if he has been avoiding her?

It can be tough, but if he is willing to change and won't look back again. Then he can save his marriage, but he will need to make a lot of improvement to bring the trust back also.

How do you get over breaking the heart of someone you love?

Forgiveness is both healing and liberating. A truly healthy person will see the power that comes from asking for forgiveness and being willing to give it.

How can you stay together after you discover she is cheating on you?

I am assuming that you are willing to stay with her despite her doing this. Part of the answer is dependent on whether she is willing to stop cheating and never do it again. Secondly, she needs to accomodate any fears you have and let you have the time you need to recover.

What else can you do after doing everything you can to save your marriage without your husband help who did the cheating?

If he is not willing why are you beating yourself up? Unless you still love him. Also we do not have more information on your past and actual situation, you should talk to him about it, and have a third party a minister or a professional counselor or even a family member who you both can trust to help you both out of it or anything you are dealing with right now.

Can you sell Chrysler shares?

You can sell anything that another person is willing to purchase.You can sell anything that another person is willing to purchase.

Does Rick Warren support same-sex marriage?

Pastor Warren says he is willing to tolerate gays without approving of them. He is opposed to same-sex marriage, but is willing to tolerate civil unions.

I am a Virgo female who is not willing to give myself completely until marriage. How do I attracthave a relationship with a Scorpio man without giving into his strong sexual needs?

Some Scorpios DO wait until marriage. If you meet a Scorpio who's willing to wait until marriage, then you're lucky!

How can you get a mew in soul silver BESIDES cheating or an event?

...or is someone willing to give me one for free?

How do I know if my marriage is going to last?

If both you and your spouse are willing to work together to make it last and if your relationship is important enough that you are willing to give it your all, then it will last. If your personal desires are more important to you than your relationship with your spouse, your marriage won't last. You both must be willing to sacrifice and compromise.

Were nazis willing to do anything hitler ordered?

They werent willing to, they had to or they and or their families could be killed

What do you do when your wife has cheated with another woman who is her co-worker?

If your wife has not verbally told you herself or you have not caught her in the act then do not listen to gossip and be sure you have the correct information by communicating with your wife. If it is true then it appears your wife may have been either talked into a bisexual relationship or is bisexual and is not gay. This is still considered cheating and you will have to sit down with your wife and ask her what she wants to do about your marriage because you are not willing to live the way she prefers to live. Cheating is cheating whether it is with the same sex or opposite sex.

What to do if you have been separated from cheating husband for five years he wants forgiven can please help you want to feel happy again?

You need to ask yourself; do I still love him, is he sincere, is he willing to talk to you, was it a one time affair, does he show you remorse in what he did, does he really love you. You may need the help of a marriage therapist. If cheating and being unfaithful is something he can't give up then your better off without him. On the other hand if he is truly sorry and wants to make a good marriage then it's worth the work to get it. I have personal experience with this and I know how heart breaking this can be.

What if you suspect your lover is cheating but they are willing to confront the person or people that said they were?

"Confronting" the person who said this stuff won't prove or disprove anything. Even if your signifigant other is cheating, he won't admit it. Check up on your lover's phone calls, time spent away from you and make your own decision. Don't tell your lover what this other person or anyone else says--he has nothing to worry about if he isn't cheating, right? Many people who are cheating go on the defensive--claiming that the person who is accusing them is lying, or sometimes accusing you of cheating. Id let him do it. Let him confront those who say he is cheating. Watch his body language, his eyes...All will tell you the truth.

If you find out your wife is cheating with a married man should you tell his wife?

* Some people who tell the wife in this situation, but you should be more concerned about your wife's behavior. She broke the bond of trust in your marriage and it's your wife you should be confronting. Discuss with her what is going on and if she is not willing to see that cheating is selfish; self absorbed and hurtful then you should move on or you become an enabler in this situation. I am sure this man's wife has her suspicions and she has to deal with this on her own terms.

Does God forgive every sin?

God is willing to forgive any and every sin, you just have to be willing to ask for his forgiveness. God will forgive any sin when you repent except for making fun of the Holy Ghost that is the only sin that is not forgiven.

How do you get your boyfriend to know you are not cheating on him?

Be direct ask him what exactly you are doing that causes him to have this uncertainty about you. Then ask him what you can do so he no longer has or feels these insecurities. Then do what he wants you to do so he no longer feels this way. He will see you are committed to him and are willing to do anything so he can trust you. Shortly after this he should no longer be hesitant.

Word to describe someone willing to do anything to get what they want?


What was Abraham willing to sacrifice?

Anything and everything.

Term to describe someone willing to do anything for money?


Is a marriage considered legal if the pastor is willing to marry a couple in the church without all of their parents' consent?

If you are both underage then at least one parent on each side must sign a document stating they are willing to allow this marriage. This must be true because no Pastor would be willing to marry you otherwise as it would be illegal. Marcy

Where is it legal for two 16-year-olds to get married in a church or a chapel if you don't consider the laws for getting a marriage license?

When it comes to marrying in a church or a chapel, there aren't any 'laws' about it. If the preacher is willing to do it, then you can. But he's not going to be willing to do it without a valid marriage license.

Is marriage salvageable if husband cheats after 22 years of marriage?

i believe marriages can be saved because marriage isn't gonna be perfectits gonna be bumps down the road and some marriages can be savedif both partners are willing to work at wanting it to be savedCheating!Yes of course! But a husband's cheating has a cause. Did you ever discuss with him why he had an affair? Most men after many years of marriage - and 22 years is many years of marriage - feel their age creeping up on them and wonder if they can still attract a woman. Yes, just like women, men are vain. They color their hair, exercise to stay in shape and look at women, waiting for responses. But sometimes it simply is the sexual drive that overwhelms them. Never forget that a man's sexual appetite is much greater than that of a woman. And as age creeps up on them they need to proof themselves. Read much more about "Cheating" and "Sexuality" in book reference # 2 on my Biio Page.