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Since ADHD/ADD is WAY overdiagnosed these days, I would highly recommend that you take your child to be assessed by a psychiatrist, who should try a drug trial/test to see if your child truly has ADHD. A test often used is to have the child do a sample of writing (ADHD writing is often very sloppy). Then a dose of a stimulant (Ritalin, Dexedrine, etc.) is given and after 30-45 minutes the child is asked to write another sample. ADHD children will almost always have a dramatic difference in their ability to write legibly. The child should also undergo psychological testing, looking for other disorders that often coincide with ADHD (such as Juvenile Bipolar disorder), or can be mistaken for ADHD. Find a reputable Child Psychiatrist in your area for an evaluation.

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2004-10-26 23:14:37
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Q: Should a child with ADHD have testing and evaluations done and also should they see a psychologist?
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