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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

How many grams of cholesterol should you eat each day to maintain a healthy diet

What would cause a fluttering inside the ear canal

Why is beef fat a solid at room temperature

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Q: Should a cosigner be named as additional insured on auto insurance policy?
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Related questions

How do you tell if an insurance policy is endorsed if you are the additional insured on a certificate of insurance?

If you are insured then you should see your name on the certificate itself or on the referenced endorsement page.

Cosigner need insurance?

The cosigner on an automobile loan is not the person who has to pay for insurance on the vehicle. The registered owner should pay the fees for insurance. However, it is the cosigner's responsibility to make sure the registered owner is carrying insurance for the vehicle.

What type of insurance should a cosigner obtain on a car?

The insurance reuire by your lender.

Why should you get a condo insurance?

If your condo is insured, you can receive enough cash to replace your damaged belongings. This type of home insurance gives you security and peace of mind, which are definitely worth the additional expense you will pay for the policy.

If you get a cosigner for a new car and you crash it can they be held responsible?

If you're insured, the insurance company should take care of the damages, but to answer your question: You're responsible just for the car payments in case the primary owner can't make them.

What is the difference between a company that is fully insured and one that is self insured?

A company that is fully insured goes to an insurance company and buys insurance. A company that is self insured does not buy insurance and plans to pay any claims out of the companies "pockets". For instance, if you own a home but choose not to buy home insurance, you are self insured if you should have a fire.

8 Which is the document in Insurance which can be called the Documentary Evidence of Contract between the Insurance Company and the Insured?

That should be your declarations page. It is a binding contract between the insured (you) and the company.

How do you know if a car was insured in the year 2008?

Call the insurance company that the owner uses and ask them if it was insured. If you aren't sure what insurance company was used, DMV records should say whether the vehicle was insured or not.

Are you insured to drive other cars which are not insured?

You should double check with your insurance company to see how your policy is written, but usually your insurance would kick in as secondary coverage and you would be covered.

If beneficary dies before the insured does surviving spouse have rights?

If the beneficiary of a life insurance policy predeceases the insured, the insured should make arrangements to name a new beneficiary. If they do not, the policy proceeds will become part of their estate if they die without naming a new beneficiary. You should consult with the insurance company.

How does commercial general aggregate insurance protect the customer?

The aggregate limit can be higher than the per occurrence limit of the policy, thus providing additional coverage should multiple claims be filed against the insured.

Is it possible to find the VIN to a vehicle you no longer own?

An old insurance policy or the insurance company you had it insured with should have it on file.

If your friend gets a speeding ticket in your car and is NOT insured but you are and they didn't give the officer your insurance info what will happen?

In the US insurance has nothing to do with speeding. If your state has mandatory insurance, the fact that your car is insured is good enough but the officer may want to see proof of insurance. Here it is the vehicle that is insured, not the driver. In UK you should not let anyone drive your car on the public road without checking they are insured. You can be fined if you let them drive without insurance.

What are the essential feature of insurable risk?

A risk cannot be insured until it meets certain conditions.It means that the risk should not be created by the insured himself. That is,If the goods insured have been set of fire by the insured,the insurance company will not be responsible

What is the difference between insurance agents and brokers?

There are many important differences between insurance brokers and insurance agents. The main differences that one should note is that insurence agents are individuals that work between the company and the insured and brokers sell products to the insured.

How long should you keep insurance documentation?

At least as long as you have the item(s) insured.

What is an additional driver on auto insurance forms?

The premium charged for auto insurance is determined by a number of factors. These include the identity, age, driving history, and other factors pertaining to the primary driver listed on the application. It is his/her operation of the vehicle that is principally covered by the policy. However, if it is the insured's expectation that another person will periodically operate the insured vehicle, that other person should be identified on the application, and be included in the scope of the policy issued as an "additional driver". Normally, an additional premium will be charged to account for the risk factors presented by that person's use of the vehicle.

If you own a car can someone else insure it adding you to their quote?

First off...there is a HUGE difference between a Quote and an Insurance Policy. A Quote is nothing more that an ESTIMATE for an insurance premium based on the information that you give an agent/insurance company. In regards to an valid insurance policy:A vehicle HAS to be insured the way it is, husband & wife own a vehicle & it is registered in both of their names then the insurance policy should be in both of their names. Some companies allow just one spouse as a named insured but will list the both spouses as 'insured' drivers. Likewise, if a parent buys/obtains an auto loan with a licensed youth(such as a son/daughter) then the vehicle, again, should be registered in both names and both names should appear as the 'insured' on the insurance policy. Remember the 'named insured' on the insurance policy is covered within the limits set forth in the insurance policy.

How much insurance do I need?

Insurance needs vary greatly depending on the individual and the risk being insured. You should consult with a local insurance agent to get a better understanding of your insurance requirements.

Who has to have insurance on the car the cosigner or the buyer?

You insure a vehicle. The buyer. The only thing the cosigner is responsible for is paying the bank back the money it loaned if the buyer doesn't. The principal driver of the vehicle who should also be the buyer.

If you cosign on an auto loan is it required that you be named on the owners auto insurance just because you are on the title?

No if you consign you should be listed as the additional insured but you dont need to be on the policy provided of course that you are not driving the vehicle and are not a resident of the household where the vehicle is kept.

Should the person who has ownership rights in an insurance policy and the insured be relatives?

The question does not really involve "should". The direct answer is "no". Using life insurance as an example, the owner of the policy is often the person who pays the premium. The insurance contract gives the owner various rights, such as to initially designate the beneficiary, change the beneficiary, pledge the policy as security for a loan, and other acts. The insured is the person whose life is, well, insured. Stated otherwise, this means that when the insured dies, the insurance company generally pays the death benefit to the beneficiary.

Should all legal owners be listed as the insured on a homeowners insurance policy?

Yes they should be listed to protect their interest.

Should your spouse and you both carry health insurance?

You should both be insured. If you each carry insurance on the other (say at work), then you will be paying the premiums of course, but one will always be primary.

Who should be named owner of life insurance?

The owner of a life insurance policy should be the person or corporation that is responsible to pay the premiums on time and the one who is entrusted with power to change the beneficiary at any time. So careful thought should always go into deciding who the owner will be. Often, the owner is the spouse of the insured, but can also be the insured.