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Should a dog drink ocean water?

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Should you drink ocean water?

No! Its is too salty and therefore bad for the dog! Most dogs wont even drink it because they hate the taste.

2010-11-11 12:34:53
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Should you make water available to your dog anytime of the day?

Yes, a dog should have water whenever it needs a drink.

What does it mean if a dog does not drink water?

The Dog is not ThirstyThe Dog is ill (You should see a Vet)

Is it safe for a dog to drink rain water?

NO dogs should never drink any water but sewer:) ilove you JK

How many liters of water should a dog drink?

As many as they want. They should naturally drink to fulfill their needs and should have clean water available at all times.

What should you do if your dog ate a chili pepper?

Let him drink some water.

How much water should a dog drink?

As long as they have clean fresh water put in place each day, they drink as much as they want

What do Boston terriers drink?

Boston Terriers drink water, like every other dog. Water is very important for dogs and should be the ONLY thing they drink.

How much water should a dog drink daily?

Fresh water should be provided at all times. Your dog will drink when she or he is thirsty,hot or simply worn out. If you don't provide enough water, your dog will become dehydrated.You only need to change the water every day or two so it's fresh and clean.

Why does a dog drink less water?

Usually dogs drink less water in the winter and sometimes less water if they are an inside dog

Why shouldn't you let your dog drink unfamiliar water?

If you won't drink the water, you shouldn't let your dog drink it. It could be unhealthy water or poisned water. How will you know! Make sure you give your dog purrified water and no other liquid.

How many ounces of water should a dog drink a day?

You don't need to worry about your dog drinking enough water on a general basis. If they are active they'll drink when thirsty and if at home they'll drink just like humans ... when they are thirsty. Be sure they have fresh water at least twice a day. If your dog is drinking constantly, it could be a sign of diabetes and you should take him to the vet.

Why does dog wont drink water after it bites the man?

Your dog should drink water as soon as it is thirsty. If it goes more than 12 hrs. without drinking water, take to a veterinarian. Nothing alive can survive w/o water.

What does a pug drink?

A pug is a dog like any other dog. They drink water.

Can a dog survive if he only drinks water?

The dog might be sick or not feeling good if it only wants to drink water and won't eat. You should take your dog to see the vet.

What if a dog eats grass with fertilizer on it?

I think it should be Ok, let it drink alot of water.

Can dogs die by drinking pee?

No but if your dog drinks pee just make him/her drink some water and your dog should be fine .

What else can your dog drink?

I wouldn't recommend giving your dog anything to drink besides water.

How much water should a chihuahua drink a day?

1 ounce for each pound of body weight, so a 4lb dog should drink 4 oz.

How much water should a grey hound drink per day?

typically dogs drink when they are thirsty and there should be a correlation with food i think open feeding water after meals (just put bowl of water down) should cause the dog to drink an appropriate amount of water unless something is wrong Sometimes dogs will urinate in the house if they are allowed to open feed water so the best plan is to get dog on a good food schedule. I like 2x a day feeding with open water (they can drink anytime)

What kind of water does a dog owner drink?

A dog owner drinks water out of the tap. Regular water.

How much water should you be giving your dog?

just fill up his dish and let him drink away! water cant hurt them.

What should you do if a dog will not eat or drink?

If a dog is not eating or drinking, you should take the dog to the vet. It is likely that the dog is sick.

How does a dog get its water?

Dogs drink water just as we do. They will lap it from a bowl or bucket, and can drink quite surprising amounts. You should always keep a container of fresh water available for your dog, and carry some with you when you are out and about, especially in hot weather.

How do you get your dog to drink water?

throw it in the bath.

What animals drink sea water?