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Should a four-month pregnant woman take antibiotics?

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An infection is potentially more hazardous to an unborn child than are some of the antibiotics. Your doctor should be told that you're pregnant and then he/she can select an appropriate course of treatment.

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What are the chances of getting pregnant while the woman is on antibiotics?

Same as if she is not. Antibiotics does not protect from pregnancy or makes it easier to get pregnant.

Can woman aborted fourmonth pregnant?

Yes, abortion is legal in the US up to week 23. Not all states have providers past week 15 though so check at abortion dot com who does.

Can a man get a woman pregnant if he is taking antibiotics?

Yes, since antibiotics inhibit the growth of bacteria, and sperm is not bacteria. Also, if a woman is taking antibiotics AND a birth control pill, it can cause the birth control to become ineffective, letting her get pregnant.

What are items a pregnant woman should not do?

A pregnant woman should never lift heavy objects. A pregnant woman shouldn't eat sushi. A pregnant woman shouldn't smoke.

Can you get pregnant during the last week of your pill packet wile on antibiotics?

Yes. Antibiotics effect birth control, this is how most pregnancies occur when woman are on the pill, by taking antibiotics.

Should you do CPR on a pregnant woman?

Yes; do CPR if the woman is pregnant and is unresponsive.

Can a woman who is 4 months pregnant take antibacterial medicine?

If it's prescribed for her by her doctor, yes. Nobody should ever take any antibiotics that have not been specifically prescribed for them, and anyone getting a prescription for antibiotics should take all of them exactly as prescribed.

Is it ok to take zinnat 2 times a day for 10 days when you are pregnant?

You have to consult your doctor about antibiotics since it depends on your health state. Some illnesses is worse for a pregnant woman then taking antibiotics.

Can a pregnant woman walks regularly?

Yes, a pregnant woman should exercise regularly.

Does every pregnant woman gain weight?

Every pregnant woman should gain the weight.

Can a pregnant woman take amoxycillin?

Yes pregnant women can take antibiotics IF the doctor consider your condition serious enough to do so. Always ask your doctor first! It can also be that amoxycillin is the wrong kind of antibiotics for the problem you have.

Can a pregnant woman get treated for syphilis?

Yes. Syphillis, being a disease caused by bacteria, can be cured using antibiotics.

What hole should be penetrated to make a woman pregnant?

Penetration would occur in the vagina for a woman to get pregnant.

What to do if you have group b strep?

If you're a pregnant woman and it's been found from a vaginal or rectal swab, you should make sure your health professionals know GBS has been found as it will mean you should be offered intravenous antibiotics as soon as possible once labour has started. If GBS has been found in a urine sample, you should be given oral antibiotics to treat this. If you're pregnant, it's also an indication that you should be offered intravenous antibiotics as soon as possible once labour has started.

What should pregnant woman limit their intake on?

A pregnant woman should not smoke or drink during pregnancy. They should also limit how much paracetamol they take as this is not advised.

Can a pregnant woman drink boones farm?

No. A pregnant woman should never drink any type of alcohol.

What should pregnant woman do?

See a doctor.

How should a pregnant woman be positioned during resuscitation?

A pregnant woman should be placed flat on her back for resuscitation, just like everyone else.

Is it healthy for a pregnant woman to travel?

I don't think plane travels will affect the baby, but a pregnant woman should not stress.

Can pregnant women use amoxicillin capsules at 23 weeks?

You can't take antibiotics without consulting your doctor. In some cases a woman have to take antibiotics because the alternative would be worse.

What vitamin should a pregnant woman take while pregnant?

Pregnant woman should take multivitamin supplement in the pregnancy. Folic acid has to be given in extra dose in pregnancy. It is necessary for cell replication.

Can a woman exercise while she is pregnant?

Yes and she should.

Should you give your seat up to a pregnant woman?

of course you should unless you are pregnant or you are elderly or you are disabled x

Is it safe for a pregnant woman to handle Rogaine foam?

Rogaine should never be handled by a woman who is pregnant or may become pregnant. It is associated with a specific birth defect.

How much more should you eat when pregnant?

There is no set amount that a woman should eat when she is pregnant. She should eat healthy and eat when she is hungry.